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Get caught up on the UK’s election with help from WrestleMania X7

No, really. And it works, too.

If there’s one WrestleMania X7 memory everyone has, it’s their continued and complete shock that WWE was able to make Limp Bizkit good for four minutes. You can admit it, you’re among friends here: “My Way” is a catchy song to you thanks to its role in building the feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, and it’s also the best example you can give about how WWE’s video production team is capable of turning literally anything into magic.

Still disagree? Well, with the election in the United Kingdom happening right now, someone who clearly agrees with me decided to make a hype video for the showdown between Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and Tory Theresa May set in the X7 style, “My Way” included.

Sure, there will (probably) be fewer chair shots in the end, but this recap would still make WWE proud:

That is glorious. (No, wait, that’s another theme song — maybe they’ll save that video edit for after their preferred candidate wins, though.)

In case you want to relive the actual X7 video, well, who am I to stop you from quietly contextually enjoying a Limp Bizkit song?

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