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Seth Rollins still misses The Shield’s entrance

In a fun, new interview with Bandwagon, Seth freakin Rollins walks through all the entrance music he’s had throughout his career and how they helped shape his characters past and present.

He says of The Shield’s music:

Well that song definitely has a special place in my heart, obviously. It’s my first entrance theme on the WWE main roster. We also got to record the beginning to that, the "Sierra Hotel Indie Echo Lima Delta - Shield" ourselves. Me, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose sat in a room and did those call signs. That was pretty cool.

It was composed by Jim Johnston - who’s a legendary music maker for WWE. Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock - he did all the best ones ever, so he kinda picks and chooses who he wants to work with nowadays and The Shield was his special project. He really nailed it on the head with this one. That song, Roman still kinda uses a version of it. I still miss it though, with our entrance through the crowd.

That entrance sure was special. The Shield’s entrance was what really captivated me during my first Monday Night Raw and I think it played a pivotal role in kickstarting my own personal WWE fandom.

But since the demise of The Shield at his own hands, Seth has been using a song called “The Second Coming” for his solo entrance. A few rumors have popped up over the years about Seth getting new theme music, but the Kingslayer isn’t planning on it:

Yeah I love it. It’s one of those where soon as the riff kicks in, everyone knows who’s coming through the curtains. That’s all that really matters when you’re picking an entrance theme. It fits my character. Though it was really weird adjusting to it at first because the pace of it is different from The Shield music, so y’know, trying to get the timing down on the entrance and making it feel like my own song took a little while.

But now I’ve had so many moments with that music playing behind me or in front me – it’s become mine. People ask me "oh you’re gonna change your song, you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna do that" – I think that one’s sticking for a long time. I like guys who had the same entrance theme forever and ever - like Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, the Big Show – I think that’s always a really cool thing when guys have the same song for a really long time.

Sounds like “The Second Coming” is sticking around for a while, but if he had to swap with another WWE superstar he has his picks:

I think Bray Wyatt has a really awesome entrance - has an epic entrance. Shinsuke Nakamura has a really cool entrance too, and a cool theme song. But I just like Bray’s – the phones, the black out, with the fireflies in the crowd, it looks really cool. And he’s got that great creepy little music and he kinda gets to walk to the ring super slow, which is really awesome. Really one of my favourites.

Do you miss The Shield’s entrance? Are you as amused by the image of Seth doing Shinsuke or Bray’s entrances as I am?

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