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Who is attacking Enzo Amore & Big Cass? The plot thickens

Each of the past two weeks, Enzo Amore was attacked backstage during Raw’s live broadcast.

Since the first assault, investigations by General Manager Kurt Angle and backstage reporter Charly Caruso have come up empty, top suspects (and guys) The Revival have denied involvement and Corey Graves even insinuated the culprit might be Zo’s own partner and best friend, Big Cass.

This all led to a plan by Cass to remain by his little buddy’s side throughout the show in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last night. If he couldn’t identify the culprit, the seven footer could at least protect Amore while trying to clear his name. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t stick together very well, and on June 5, Cass was laid out by an unseen assailant or assailants.

Following this new attack, Zo went on to have a match with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows - a match for which he recruited Big Show. After some reluctance, Show proved willing to not only replace Cass during the match, but as the Smacktalker Skywalker’s promo partner.

WWE continues to spend a lot of time on this story, and a lot happened on the latest Raw. So let’s dive into where we stand with our suspects, including some new additions...

Big Show

The Giant says he’s too big to creep, but he’s lost a lot of weight, so I’m not sure I agree with Enzo’s assertion that he “creaks on cement” any more. Plus, Show is on record as being bummed he didn’t get a big angle at WrestleMania as his career comes to an end... maybe this is his way to get one for SummerSlam? He built up a lot of animosity toward Shaq which has to go somewhere - maybe onto another seven footer? And it’s not like Big hasn’t been known to turn on a dime.

Of course, accusing Show has just caused a lot of fans to be even more suspicious of a man who’s becoming the prime suspect...

Big Cass

The Queens’ native keeps angrily pointing fingers, and acting annoyed with his tag partner. A good gauge of how mistrustful we all are of Cass is that the immediate reaction to his assault was to think it was staged to draw attention away from him as the culprit. Which could explain the chain he found when coming to, or that could mean what it appears to mean...

Enzo Amore

My boss has already floated the idea Zo’s condition the past two weeks was of his own making, but what if it wasn’t public intoxication and was instead his own advance set-up for an attack on his skyscraper of a tag partner? Why would Amore want to take out Cass? Who knows why Enzo does anything... maybe he still has a crush on Carmella?

The Revival

What do we have over here?

Yep, those are a couple of haters.

Kurt Angle/Corey Graves

Another Geno theory (he watches a lot of “Fashion Files” and fancies himself an amateur gumshoe). I’m not sure exactly how it works, especially now with the Cass assault in the mix, but the mystery text stuff does keep lining up with this crime spree. Angle exited last night just before Cass was discovered. He may not be able to vouch for Dash & Dawson this week. Could it mean more?

The Good Brothers

Because they’ve been feuding with the Realest Guys FOREVER, and remain in the picture by virtue of last night’s tag match (something Anderson complained about online afterwards). And I’ve seen enough WWE mysteries in my multiple decades as a fan to know the most likely answer is often the lamest one.

Three weeks in, and the only suspect I’m prepared to rule out is Titus O’Neil. I’m sure he’s still mad Cass beat him a while back, but given the “rate of failure” with his brand, I think he’d have been caught already if this was his handiwork.

Otherwise, I’m still stumped, Cagesiders.

Who do you think is attacking Enzo Amore & Big Cass?

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