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WWE 205 Live results (June 6, 2017): Neville vs. TJP

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live in its regular Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

Austin Aries came up short once again at Extreme Rules, and is off doing some soul searching. With nothing lined up for Cruiserweight champ Neville, TJP asked - again - about the title shot he’d been promised.

Don’t ask for things from the King.

The champ beat down his former advocate on the stage, and then informed he’d be getting his chance to reclaim the belt tonight.

Meanwhile, Rich Swann is coming off a big win on the last pay-per-view (PPV), and Akira Tozawa should be about recovered from the wounds inflicted by finally dispatching of The Brian Kendrick in a Street Fight a couple weeks back.

Plus, Drew Gulak continues his quest for a better 205 Live, Cedric Alexander’s comeback continues and more!

We'll post match results here, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Pre-credits video recaps the TJP/Neville saga

- Noam Dar enters without Alicia Fox for a promo. He brings up Cedric Alexander’s interview from last week when Ced called he and Foxy names. Dar should be angry, but he knows Alexander is just jealous. Alicia is not here - she’s at home nursing her neck injury - but she wants Noam to tell Cedric to move on. He starts to talk about how none of us would understand being in a relationship with a beautiful woman like Foxy... and that prompts Alexander’s theme for our first match.

- Cedric Alexander def. Noam Dar via pinfall following a Lumbar Check OUT OF NOWHERE after it looked like Dar had things well in hand (~7 minutes)

- Alexander tells Dar they’re done. He’s moved on, and he suggest Noam do the same thing.

- A video package on Perkins focusing on his babyface run to victory in the Cruiserweight Classic leads into an interview with Dasha Fuentes where TJ says he’s done with the inspirational stories. Tonight is all about him and the opportunity he deserves. Neville brought him on to solve his Austin Aries problem, but now the champ has a TJP problem.

- During introductions for our next match, we get a reminder about Drew Gulak enforcing his “No Fly Zone” and picking up a victory over Mustafa Ali last week

- Mustafa Ali def. Louie Valle via pinfall with a roll-up reversal after a Gulak interruption almost allows Valle to get a three count (~3:30 minutes)

- Drew congratulates him (via megaphone) for winning by staying grounded. He tries to recruit Ali to his campaign for a better 205 Live, inviting Mustafa to be a winner like him and not a loser like all these peopl... then Ali flies over the top and wipes him out. Mustafa then destroys his sign and proclaims “This is a fly zone!”

-Rich Swann profile piece is introduced by Corey Graves saying he’s a former Cruiserweight champ who could regain the title soon

- Swann and Akira Tozawa are talking to each other in Japanese when Titus O’Neil walks up and asks Rich to leave so he can talk to “To-wazza”. Titus says Akira’s best friend Apollo Crews recommended he recruit him to the “Brand”. When he hears Tozawa’s “AH! AH! AH!” all he hears is “CHA! CHA! CHING!” He know Akira could use some extra yen in his pocket, so O’Neil suggest he go talk to his friend Apollo and let him know if he’s down to join them.

- Interview with the champ where he tells Dasha that Perkins is just like all the other pretenders - simply not on the Neville level

- Neville def. TJP via submission with Rings of Saturn to retain his Cruiserweight championship (really good ~14 minute match with a wild finishing sequence where it looked like Perkins might have the kneebar locked in after working over the champ’s leg)

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