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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 5, 2017): Extreme Rules fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 5, 2017) from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, featuring the fallout show from the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Baltimore, Maryland.

Advertised for tonight: Samoa Joe is your new top contender, The Miz’s Intercontinental comeback tour begins, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Stunned and bewildered, cold and afraid. Torn up and broken, frightened and dazed. Lying on the table in this unfamiliar place, I'm greeted by a stranger, a man without a face. He said, "Son, do you remember?" and I was like, "Oh yeah, I have to liveblog this here pro wrestling show."

The show opens with a recap of Extreme Rules focused on the main event five-way #1 contender's match and thence into the normal intro video.

Commentary promises we're gonna hear from Samoa Joe and then Bray Wyatt makes his entrance.

He's got a match against Roman Reigns, but first, he gets on the mic. He says last night was the beginning of the end, and he had a chance to slay the Beast and save us all from damnation, but instead of arming him with his sword, they took it from him and struck it right into his heart.

But he's still here, and he is still alive, and he is still every bit of the god that he has always been. And that's why he's here tonight, to cast judgment on the guilty. Finn Balor is guilty, Samoa Joe is guilty, Seth Rollins is guilty, and last but not least, of course, Roman Reigns is guilty.

Bray vows that one-by-one they must all be punished, starting right here tonight with Roman himself. It was him--

Enter Roman Reigns. Wyatt laughs in his face and tells him he's right on cue. He goes to continue and the Big Dog yanks the mic away, staring for a moment, letting chants build. He says that's why he's the guy, and what happens when you run your mouth in his yard? Pow, right in the kisser!

Or, as Michael Cole calls it, marking his territory. I hope Roman did not actually pee his pants.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

Bray looking for Sister Abigail from the jump, ducks a Superman Punch after Roman escapes, the Big Dog swats him hard enough he has to take a powder and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Wyatt in control, mounted punches to a reverse chinlock, Reigns with the escape, looking for a Samoan drop, Bray counters to a DDT, gets two and goes back to the chinlock. Roman physically pries Wyatt's arms apart to escape, big slicing right, runs into a boot, another right, he picks Bray off the turnbuckles and hits the Samoan drop for a nearfall.

Big Dog throwing the triple lariat combo, Wyatt gets the boot up on a charge and puts Reigns into the ringpost, sending him outside and us to break.

Back from commercial, Bray has Roman down in a reverse chinlock once again, and Reigns fights to his feet, leading Wyatt to break and club at him, throwing him off but Roman catches the ropes and hits a big slicing right. The Big Dog throws the Eater of Worlds outside and takes a second to rest face down on the mat.

Back in, Reigns throwing kicks and a lariat to take the big man off his feet, follows it up with the corner lariats. Off the ropes, he runs into a boot but comes back with another lariat, only a nearfall. Calling for the Superman Punch, Wyatt with the spider walk to take him off guard, big Rock Bottom for a nearfall!

Hanging upside down, charging in, body avalanche, right hand, setting Reigns up top, corner punches, Roman fights out, slips down... sitout powerbomb! No good! Calling for the Superman Punch once again, Wyatt sidesteps but the Big Dog catches him on the rebound... NOT ENOUGH!

Calling for the spear, but the Eater of Worlds bails. He stumbles back to the apron... Drive-By! Reigns following and Wyatt catches him with a giant lariat, leaving both men down on the outside! Referee Darrick Moore getting to a count of eight, Bray back in... ROMAN JUST BEATS THE COUNT!

Clutched for Sister Abigail, Roman reverses to a schoolboy pin, only two, Superman Punch! Off the ropes...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with a spear.

Commentary reminds us that it's Samoa Joe's time, which remains kind of surreal, and promises us a look back at Alexa Bliss and her successful title defense after the break.

Back from commercial, Enzo and Big Cass roll up to an interview. Asked about the attacks on Enzo, Amore reiterates that he doesn't know who attacked him and he's not happy about it. Cass says that somebody thinks it was him is insulting and he'd never let anything happen to Enzo. So from now on he's gonna be watching his pal's back at all times.

We get a recap in pictures of the Raw Women's Championship match from last night as well as post-match photos of Bayley's back, and we're told Bayley is staying home to recuperate.

Kurt Angle is on his phone backstage when Alexa rolls up. She wants congratulations for retaining his title and gets nothing, so she's gonna help Kurt. She's decided she's done with Bayley and she doesn't want to just celebrate her title reign, but her entire life. She already has the guests lined up, she wants to do "Alexa Bliss: This Is My Life."

Kurt says that's a terrible idea and her segment last week was one of the worst segments in the history of Raw. He reminds her about promising Nia Jax a title match after moving past Bayley, so she's going to have to defend the title against Nia tonight. Seriously? Seriously. Seriously? Seriously.

Dean Ambrose is walking backstage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Elias Samson is in the ring to sing us a song.

He talks about seeing a leaf fall on the side of the highway, and that inspired him to write this song. It talks about how he’s gonna beat Dean Ambrose up, essentially.

Dean Ambrose comes down, mic in hand and sucker punches the Drifter! To the outside, throwing him into the barricade, he gets in the ring and picks the mic back up, and says he's here tonight for one reason and one reason only. He wants the Miz and he wants his rematch, right here, right now! (Van Halen is kicking ass in America?)

Miz and Maryse are on the tron and Miz says Dean must be confused, there's not gonna be a rematch. Instead, they're going to bask in the glory (Keith Lee best be getting his royalty payment for that one) of the Miz Comeback Tour's kickoff ceremony. Samson comes from behind and hits the rolling cutter on Ambrose!

Samoa Joe will speak, after the break.

Back from commercial, Dean Ambrose is walking backstage cradling his shoulder when he runs into Kurt Angle. He asks if he knows where Miz's dressing room is, maybe they can just sent a referee over and get it taken care of. Kurt says he'll get his rematch, but not tonight. Miz has scheduled his ceremony tonight, and he doesn't want to deal with Maryse if it gets canceled.

Angle tells Dean to take the night off and cool down, and Ambrose talks about maybe cooling down in Miz's dressing room. Kurt tells him it's not a suggestion, and Dean begrudgingly accepts.

Samoa Joe makes his entrance. He says he's gonna make this simple-- you see before you a man that doesn't fear Brock Lesnar. And though he hates to admit it, he's incapable of fearing him because he is far too envious of Brock. He wants EVERYTHING Lesnar has, and he wants to take it from him.

He wants Brock Lesnar's gilded schedule, where he's not forced to come out week after week before the ungrateful masses, no, he comes and leaves as he pleases. He wants Lesnar's ability to instill fear in other men. He wants Paul Heyman to be his advocate, to do his negotiations, and to run his errands.

Most importantly, more than anything else in the world, Joe wants Brock's Universal Championship. And live on pay-per-view at Great Balls of Fire, he will be standing in this ring, he will stare Lesnar in the eye, walk him down, and take the Universal Championship from him.

Enter Paul Heyman, doing his usual intro spiel. He continues, saying that Joe is rightfully #1 contender. A man, a destroyer, a badass that ate through four other top contenders to earn a title opportunity against Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. The man that has left wreckage every single place he's ever been in his entire career, the #1 contender, Samoa Joe.

He reminds Samoa that he's just an advocate and asks if he can come in the ring, to which Joe gives his assent. Paul says that Joe doesn't fear Brock? Brock doesn't fear Joe, either. This puts a smile on Samoa's face and Paul continues, saying it bothers him that Joe likes that Lesnar doesn't fear him.

Heyman worries for a living, he looks at his client's opponents and he gets concerned, that's what he does. Every single time he worries, Brock assuages his concerns. The Rock, John Cena, Undertaker, Goldberg, doesn't matter the legend, how tough they are, their athleticism, doesn't matter, you put them in the ring and Lesnar assuages his concern.

Two weeks ago he said he wanted to see Brock vs. Finn Balor because that's the best case scenario to him, an up-and-coming hungry aggressive never-say-die contender? That's box office, it's a license to print money! But Joe is the worst case scenario, because he doesn't give a damn, he wants to take the fight to Brock, to go to war with Brock, and even if Lesnar can assuage all of his concerns, even if he defends the title, he's not leaving the ring the same way he came in.

Even if Brock gets by Joe, Paul knows Samoa will take a piece of him. But if he wants Heyman to advocate for him, he needs to know that at Great Balls of Fire, it's his job to make sure the Lesnar is Joe's worst case scenario. You want Brock Lesnar? You got Brock Lesnar. They shake hands, Paul turns to leave but Samoa turns him around and puts him in the corner.

He tells Heyman that he finds it very disappointing that his client didn't show up in person, and something very bad is going to happen to him right now. He's going to wrap his arm around his throat and he's going to feel it tighten, his vision is going to get hazy until it's dark and he's unconscious on the ground, and then he wants to tell Brock that it was for him and describe how it felt in excruciating detail.


Referees pull Joe off but the damage is done and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a recap of what we just saw because we have three hours to fill. (And, to be fair, because what we just saw was really cool.)

Angle is backstage yelling at Joe, but Joe says he's gonna take anybody who stands between him and Brock out, and asks if Kurt is in his way. Before Angle can answer, Seth Rollins rolls up to tell him who he isn't, and says he's speaking right to his face. One on one, he's beat him before and he's got no problem doing it again. Kurt Angle makes the match official and Joe just says "Mistakes we make" as he walks away because my god he's incredible.

Beauty and the Man-Beast (Heath Slater & Rhyno) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Cesaro runs interference, Sheamus puts Slater into the ringpost, uppercut from the Swiss Superman, quick cover, no dice. Celtic Warrior has a reverse chinlock in, Heath fights to his feet, throwing hands, off the ropes and Sheamus catches him with a back elbow, tagging Cesaro in. Cesaro mocking Jeff Hardy, diving axehandle, only two.

Rear chinlock applied, Slater out with a jawbreaker, tag to Sheamus, Cesaro back body drop outside, heel kick to Sheamus but Cesaro stops the tag by yanking Rhyno down. Sheamus takes advantage...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by pinfall with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus on Heath Slater.

Sheamus gets on the mic after and says that's how an intelligent teams, and that's why they beat the Hardy Boyz last night. He polls the crowd to see who's happy the Hardyz are back, and Cesaro says he knows two guys who aren't happy the came back-- Matt and Jeff Hardy! Sheamus talks about the Hardyz sitting and licking their wounds, Jeff gluing in his false tooth as they think about their rematch.

Cesaro says they should think twice, because they picked the stipulation that ended their reign and they're looking at two-time champs. They don't just set the bar, they are the bar.

TJ Perkins TJP is walking backstage when he runs into Neville. He congratulates him on the big win and says he thinks it's time to talk about their deal, about him getting his title shot. The King tells him to be patient and TJ says he has been, he stood by his side for two months mauling and hobbing Austin Aries at every turn. He held up his end of the bargain, and it's time for Neville to do the same.

Neville says he's right, and he's a man of his word. So if he takes care of business and handles Mustafa Ali tonight, he'll talk to Kurt Angle.

The match is up next, after the break.

Back from commercial in time for TJP's entrance.

Mustafa Ali vs. TJP

TJ rams Ali right into the corner and puts boots to him before backing off. Whip across, up and over, springboard crossbody gets Mustafa two and he locks an armbar on. Perkins to his feet, whip, to the apron, mat slam, slingshot senton atomico, only two. Stepping on Ali's face, locking a reverse chinlock in, keeping him grounded.

Mustafa to his feet, fighting, TJP has the hair, thinking Detonation Kick but Ali blocks. Tornado DDT connects, he sets Perkins up in the corner but TJ takes him out with an upkick...

TJP wins by pinfall with Detonation Kick.

Neville comes down and he doesn't know how to break it to TJP, but he talked to Kurt Angle and, well... he might be King of the Cruiserweights, but he's not a miracle worker, and he has unfortunate news. TJ tells him that they're going and talking to Angle together... and Neville blindsides him!

He yells in TJ's face about him not being on the same level and puts his face hard into the stage! He has his shot tomorrow night on 205 Live!

Commentary hypes up our Raw Women's Championship match and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get another Goldust video. R-Truth thinks he can sit in his director's chair? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well consider him smitten. To R-Truth this is one big game, another juggling act for a clown, but not for him. He sees the truth, the bigger motion picture here.

Soon, the biggest names in Hollywood and the brightest stars in the sky will be glittered and gold, it's going to be so beautiful. The Golden Age (inhale) is back.

Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks are in the locker room when Alexa Bliss rolls up. The Boss gives her a no and walks off but Bliss begs James and Brooke back. She knows they don't like her, but it's not about them. Aren't they insulted at Nia jumping the line?

Dana has progresed so far this year, and Mickie is a trailblazer, a legend, a hero to the division. Alexa insists they have a Nia Jax problem and if they don't stand together, their sisterhood will never be the same. Brooke says they don't have a problem, Bliss does, and Mickie says they'll be at ringside watching as she deals with her problem all by herself tonight.

Kurt Angle pulls Corey Graves from the announce desk to show him something on his phone. Corey deflects Michael Cole's questions and we go to the next thing.

Kalisto will be in action after the break.

Back from commercial, Kurt Angle is walking the halls, staring at his phone when an interview rolls up. He says it's a private matter and he won't say where he's going. He leaves, and Dean Ambrose slips through the door and re-enters the building.

Kalisto vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus backing Kalisto in the corner, throwing him in the when he tries to run past. Scoop and a slam, little trouble getting Kalisto up there and O'Neil continues barking orders at Crews. Kalisto from behind, a nearfall, Titus with a boot, Kalisto returns it, dive, caught, fireman's carry, the luchador slips out, thinking sunset flip, Titus reverses, Kalisto reverses again...

Kalisto wins by pinfall with a schoolboy pin and a handful of trunks.

Akira Tozawa was shown watching on a monitor, by the way, and Titus told him to wait at the curtain so he could join the Titus Brand after his glorious victory. Nevermind!

Miz and Maryse are walking backstage when they spot Big Cass under some rubble. Referee Rod Zapata runs to check on him and is soon joined by Enzo Amore, who is distraught and asking Cass what happened.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial and we're still with Enzo and Cass, joined now by referee Shawn Bennett and a bag of ice. Zapata wants Cass to go to the doctor but Enzo protests that they have a match. Rod suggests he find a new partner and Amore says he can't do it by himself.


Wait, no, she welcomes us and I see now that the bear is holding up a sign that says congratulations, so he must be a cool bear. There are balloons and stuff, it's great. She introduces her husband and he makes his entrance.

Miz holds the Intercontinental Championship high and waits a moment as a light "You deserve it!" chant breaks out. He says that chant would mean so much more if they didn't do it for everybody that wins a new title. But they're right, he's the only one who deserves this title, and tonight they kick off his comeback tour.

Last night at Extreme Rules was the cumulation of an epic journey where he exiled Dean Ambrose and commenced his continuing destiny to restore the Intercontinental Championship to its past glory. He wants us to raise a glass or a styrofoam cup (all I got is cans, sir), and he proposes a toast to him. May the world never know a time when he's not Intercontinental Champion.

And to his wife, who has outdone herself, champagne, balloons, dancing bear. He can see it now, #MizBear! She's glad he likes it but she didn't get the bear. Miz didn't get the bear. Uh-oh. The bear waves and Miz throws his champagne in the bear's face and attacks! Skull Crushing Finale on the bear! I can hardly bear to watch!

Miz presents to us former champion Dean Ambrose and pulls the head off... it's not Dean Ambrose. He chucks the bear outside and a crewmember wheels a big box down to ringside. Miz admires it and says he thinks he can hear something inside. It could be anything! He gets a chair and takes it to the box before clotheslining it as Maryse begs him to stop!

He throws elbow after elbow on it as she continues to beg and tells him it's from her! He pulls something out from inside... it's the top of a grandfather clock! Maryse says it's timeless, just like him before telling him he ruined it and shoving the mic at him and storming off. Miz apologizes and begs her to come back as he realizes just how badly he's screwed this up.

Miz tells Ambrose he blames him for this, asking if he bought a ticket, is he wearing a mask, demanding he show himself if he wants a shot at the title. A camera man gets up close behind him and sets his camera down, takes his headset and hat off, it's Dean alright! Miz is looking at the tron and realizes that again, he has made a mistake, and turns around... DIRTY DEEDS!

Ambrose takes a swig of champagne and walks off with the bottle in hand as Miz stews.

Commentary hypes up Rollins/Joe and we see Enzo Amore shadowboxing backstage. He may have a partner, we'll find out after the break.

Back from commercial and the Club is in the ring.

Enzo Amore makes his entrance, he does the deal. He says he's 4G, well connected, and he called in a favor. A seven foot favor... It's the Big Show! Bada boom, biggest Show in the room! Show doesn't look happy. He gives Show the other mic and checks in with him, saying he looks a little thin. Bottom line, is he joining the cruiserweight division?

Enzo says he weighs 206, so he's a heavyweight, and the only time he cuts carbs is with a pizza wheel. But he appreciates Show coming down, and you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see what fills up first, but he wanted a certified G-iant, and neither of them are certified G-enies, and he doesn't want to rub the big man the wrong way.

Show asks if he wants him to loosen up and it was a ruse! He puts on an accent and compares them to cartoon characters before declaring the Club SAWFT.

Big Show & Enzo Amore vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Enzo and Gallows to start, Luke takes him right down with a boot and tags Anderson in. Machine Gun throwing uppercuts in the corner, but Enzo dodges a bicycle kick and gets the tag. Show runs Karl over, knocks Luke off the apron, whip to the corner, Big Hoot in, Show with a backsplash on both of them, shoulder block, calling for the chokeslam!

He plants Anderson with it, tags Amore back in...

Big Show & Enzo Amore win by pinfall with a press slam crossbody on Karl Anderson.

Enzo manages to leap high enough to high five the giant!

Commentary says the Raw Women's Championship match is up next, and sends us to break with a profile on the champion.

Back from commercial and Show is walking with Enzo and Amore is talking about favors when they run into Big Cass. Cass thinks it's funny that Show's gone for a few weeks and he comes back and he's happy to be Enzo's partner? Big Show says he's a giant, he doesn't sneak, and Amore wants to go to the casino with both Bigs, but Show demures and they head off.

R-Truth has a video production for us now. He drops a "You can't handle the truth!" and says the truth is, he's coming for Goldust. They were friends, they were brothers, and now he's nothing more to Goldy than a mean, bad, mad mother-- shut your mouth! You turn your back on him, now he gets to turn his back on you and strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. He reminds Goldust that he's gonna get got.

Alexa Bliss has an interview about her title match. She says the only thing she regrets is being stuck on a brand with female superstars with no pride who are jealous of her. She deserves way better than how the rest of the division treats her.

Nia Jax makes her entrance, and the match will be after the break.

Back from commercial in time for Alexa Bliss to make her entrance.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax (WWE Raw Women's Championship)

Alexa immediately begging off but Nia rushes so she hits the ropes as Mickie James and Dana Brooke make their way to ringside. Nia gets a handful of hair and Bliss slaps her away! Jax with a pair of wicked double-handed biels, chucking Alexa across the ring! Corner avalanche, Bliss takes her back, sleeper, but Nia easily tosses her off.

Pair of elbow drops, the challenger stalking the champion, she runs into a boot but just runs Alexa over after! Bliss heads outside, shoves at James and Brooke, they defend themselves...

Alexa Bliss wins by disqualification.

Dana and Mickie try to beat on Bliss but Nia takes them out and throws Alexa in the ring. Bliss hits Jax with a dropkick and does nothing, she leaves and Nia takes her frustration out on the other two. Headbutt, Samoan drop, she's done.

Paul Heyman is getting attended to by a medic when his phone rings. It's Brock, and he takes it. He says he's keenly aware of a fact and he's glad Brock asked a question. He thinks Lesnar needs to instill into Samoa Joe that fear he doesn't have, and he needs to show up on Raw next week. And by showing up, he doesn't mean just show up, he thinks it's time they unleash the beast.

Commentary hypes up our main event and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a bit of hype for 205 Live as well as the return of Brock Lesnar next week.

Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins

Joe throws his towel at Rollins and backs him in the corner with jabs. More punches, to the next corner, knee lifts and straight rights to the side of the head. Seth takes him down, mounted punches, Samoa slips out, big knee, looking for the powerbomb, Frankensteiner reversal and the Kingslayer throws chops until Joe knocks him away with a headbutt.

He dumps Rollins outside, Seth comes right back in, chops and forearms, off the ropes and the Destroyer runs him over with a back elbow! Going to dump him again, reversed, Rollins thinking about a dive and Joe cuts him off with an enzuigiri! He throws Seth into the barricade, kick to the ribs, he rolls the Architect back inside and follows.

Straight right, a left, beckoning Seth back to his feet, knee lift, and a big chop in the corner sends Rollins stumbling. More jabs, a knee lift, Rollins back in with chops, a jawbreaker, he charges in, up and over, Samoa blocks a springboard by shaking the ropes and knocking him down! Corner back elbow, enzuigiri, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Rollins is writhing in pain on the mat while Joe looks on. Jab in the ropes, forearm, Seth is really reeling but he gets the boot up, hops on the second rope... and Samoa yanks him down, introducing the back of his head to the turnbuckle on the way down. It only gets two and Joe locks a neck crank on, wrenching unmerciful.

The Architect tries to rally, Samoa catches him with a Manhattan Drop, big boot, senton, only a nearfall! Seated armbar, scraping the bone of his forearm across Seth's face, Rollins fights to his feet but Joe isn't letting go, even through a few punches. Enough of 'em finally break it, rolling solebutt, off the ropes... countered with a snap scoop powerslam!

The Destroyer throwing chops in the corner, picking the leg but Seth is fighting with punches and gets an enzuigiri off to level the field. Samoa rolls outside, the Kingslayer hits a suicide dive! Back in, Sling Blade connects, and Joe bails again. Second dive connects just as well, back in, Joe eats a boot in the corner, takes the blockbuster, Rollins is fired up!

Samoa outside again, another dive, still feeling it, back in, springboard lariat gets a nearfall. Seth lies in wait, goes for the wristlock, takes a back elbow, jockeying for position, Rollins gets the Falcon Arrow, another nearfall! Charging in, Joe picks him up, he reverses to a sunset flip for two, Avada Kedavra connects!

Seth climbing, Joe a ways away...

(Wyatt noise.)

Bray's nowhere to be found but Joe takes full advantage with the blindside...

Samoa Joe wins by submission with the Coquina Clutch.

Joe stands tall over Seth's fallen body while commentary hypes up his confrontation with Lesnar next week.

That's the show, folks.

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