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So WWE’s Great Balls of Fire logo kind of looks like it has a penis in it

WWE naming its next Raw pay-per-view (PPV) Great Balls of Fire was bound to get some chuckles. It’s WWE and it has the word “balls” in it so that’s going to happen. But the promo video with the 50s vibe was cool so maybe that would get people to forget the silly name.

Then someone noticed the logo. And it kind of looks like a penis.

Listen, I feel immature writing this, but it’s kind of hard to miss. Take a look at a screen shot from WWE’s video:


An eagle eyed individual on Twitter noticed it and outlined it for those of us who may have initially missed it.

While the distal end of the phallus in that outline is slightly exaggerated, the rest really isn’t. And now I can’t unsee it.

I think the jokes are going to continue.

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