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WWE Extreme Rules 2017 results: Cesaro & Sheamus escape the cage seconds before the Hardys, claim the tag titles

Matt & Jeff Hardy are undefeated since returning to WWE in Orlando a couple months back. Several of those wins have come against Cesaro & Sheamus, both in singles and tag action.

Further stacking the deck in Team Extreme’s favor at Extreme Rules in Baltimore on June 4? They were allowed to pick the stipulation for their title defense against the King of Swing and the Celtic Warrior. But was going with a steel cage really the right call for a pair of reformed spot monkeys (well, Matt is reformed)?

Early on, it looked like it was, as the champs cut off an attempted escape to neutralize their opponents. The beating didn’t provide sufficient time for Matt & Jeff to climb over the top themselves either, though.

And back and forth we went, with both teams working to exit the structure as Michael Cole repeatedly informed us both members of the team had to reach the floor in order to win.

That would come into play as Cesaro was unable to lift the Charismatic Enigma as he dangled over the side. Jeff escaped, but Sheamus cut off his brother.

The younger Hardy would attempt to re-enter to aid his partner, but ended up getting the door kicked into his face for his efforts. A White Noise on Matt forced his hand, and set up the match’s daredevil moment for Jeff, as he hit a Whisper in the Wind from the top to take out Shea-Saro!

But after that, Matt was forced to drag Jeff’s body out the door. Their rivals went the other route, and after some suspense-inducing delay tactics, Sheamus & Cesaro dropped to the floor a second before the second Hardy made it out, and we have new champs.

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