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A hell of a promo from Neville on being a cruiserweight in a world of giants


Neville did a Q&A with Sports Illustrated recently and they led him into one hell of a promo when asking him about being a cruiserweight in WWE. Get a load of this:

"Pound for pound, I'm unmatched. This has traditionally been the world of the giants. For those who are smaller, we've always been fighting an uphill battle. The cruiserweight division consists of guys under 205 pounds, but I don't need to tell you what I do. You can watch me and then you'll understand what I do and what I'm all about. I don't want to labor the point. I'm not one of these guys who is going to build myself up to you for an over and put myself over. I do my talking in the ring. Austin Aries, however, is someone who is a better talker than he is a fighter. I am fundamentally a fighter before anything else. This is a big man's business, so for any guy who is considered undersized, you are constantly fighting an uphill battle. This has very much been a catalyst in my change in attitude. For too long, I have been overlooked. For too long, I have been disrespected. For too long, I had been too good. That is exactly why I have turned up in 205 Live, and that is exactly why I have behaved in the manner in which I have behaved recently. I am a product of this environment. I am inevitability, and now I am showing everyone what I am all about. I tried to play the etiquette game, the respect game, for too long, and it didn't work out for me. Now I'm rightfully taking what is long overdue."

The cruiserweight division may or may not be struggling, depending on who you ask, but it’s done wonders for Neville’s career. The question will eventually become whether or not he can sustain that success outside of said division.

Will we ever see a Neville vs. Brock Lesnar match? Or even Neville vs. Roman Reigns?

Reading a promo like that, and knowing his skills in the ring, it would almost be a shame if it never happened.

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