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WWE Extreme Rules 2017 results, live streaming match coverage: Fatal 5-Way

WWE Extreme Rules is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 4, 2017) from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Extreme Rules below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Samoa Joe def. Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt
Neville def. Austin Aries
Cesaro & Sheamus def. The Hardy Men
Alexa Bliss def. Bayley
Sasha Banks & Rich Swann def. Alicia Fox & Noam Dar
The Miz def. Dean Ambrose
Kalisto def. Apollo Crews


How can you ever sleep a wink at night, pretending that everything is alright, and have the nerve to blame this mess on me? I'm just here to liveblog the show, folks.

The preshow begins with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing the rest of her preshow panel, being Sam Roberts and David Otunga. Toss to Charly Caruso in the social media lounge, where she'll have a Q&A session with the Hardyz later. The panel then shills for the WWE Network for the benefit of those viewing on YouTube.

We get a video package for Ambrose/Miz next, followed by panel discussion of the same. The Raw Women's Championship match is up next for the package + discussion treatment, with Nia Jax joining the panel. The Cruiserweight Championship is the next one on the docket, and then we toss to the social media lounge for the Hardyz.

Matt says they're ready, and extreme is their element. Onto the questions, the first is about their comeback, and Matt says the time was right. They were around and active and in the right place in WWE and they're gonna have the best run of their career. Jeff says they want to end it where they began and he promised back in 2009 that he'd be back. Next is the cage, and Matt says this is the last opportunity for Cesaro and Sheamus, and Jeff adds that he likes jumping off cages.

Last, if they had a message for Cesaro and Sheamus, it's that it's their last chance. They're gonna end it tonight and move on to the next competition and cement their legacy as the greatest tag team in time and space. Matt promises to take our breath away tonight, and Jeff just hopes he gets to keep all his teeth. The panel then discusses the match and it's time for our preshow match!


Apollo Crews vs. Kalisto

Apollo goes behind, waistlock takedown, grounding Kalisto, who reverses to a wristlock. Crews shoots him off, wheelbarrow arm drag, and Apollo confers with Titus O'Neil at ringside. Kalisto goes behind, waistlock, standing switch, Apollo has a headlock takeover but the luchador slips out of the headlock on the mat. Circling, Kalisto back to a wristlock, Crews reverses, whip to the corner, up and over, leapfrog, and a dropkick gets two.

Swinging waistlock takedown, Apollo firmly in control, Kalisto grabs a headlock, shot off, handstand walk into a headscissors, follows it up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors... DOUBLE JUMP SPRINGBOARD SENTON ATOMICO! Kalisto charges into a Gallon Throw but springboards off the ropes, only for Crews to catch him with a kick on the way down and lay him out as we take a break.

Back from our ad on a delayed vertical suplex, Apollo posing with Titus after. Locking Kalisto down with a front facelock, he fights to his feet, trading body blows, he slips out of a body slam, schoolboy gets him two but Crews clobbers him with a lariat for a nearfall of his own! Back to the grounded front facelock, the luchador makes his feet, hamstring kicks, sunset flip gets two and Apollo runs him over with a back elbow for a nearfall as Titus barks instructions.

Drawing him up, Kalisto has more kicks, jawbreaker, duck a lariat, tornillo! Matrix backflip, crescent kick, HEADSCISSORS DRIVER! NOT ENOUGH! Lying in wait, Crews blocks the Salida del Sol, Kalisto has a moonsault, gets caught, thinking tornado DDT, blocked, Apollo looking for a suplex, Kalisto reverses to a small package.. NOPE!

More kicks, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl DDT connects... NO GOOD! Kalisto to the apron, Lucha! chant, springboard crossbody but Crews catches him into a Samoan drop! Rolls him over, standing shooting star press, no dice! Titus on the apron cheerleading, Crews comes over to tell him he did the flips, what else does he want? Kalisto from behind, kicking Titus on the way up...

Kalisto wins by pinfall with Salida del Sol.


The panel discusses the match briefly before shilling for WWE Network again. From there we get a video package for the #1 contender's match, followed by discussion, for which Raw GM Kurt Angle joins the panel.


The show proper opens with a video package built around some vocabulary words and the idea of going extreme.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. the Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Changes Hands on Disqualification Match)

Miz in it, Ambrose goes behind, waistlock, reversed to a wristlock, Dean reverses once more to a side headlock. Miz shoots him off and takes a shoulder block for his troubles. The A-Lister keeping his distance a moment, test of strength, Ambrose throws a kick, hammerlock, reversed, again, whole sequence of hammerlock reversals and Miz shoves him back.

Dean crowds Miz in the corner, referee John Cone backs him off. Miz provokes Ambrose, Dean backs him in the corner hot and Cone has to force the break. Again, still just warning Ambrose, he ducks a lariat, throwing chops, backing the A-Lister off, whip, corkscrew uppercut, clothesline to the outside. Suicide dive connects right on the button! Throwing Miz into the barricade, Cone counting, and Dean jams him back first into the ring apron.

In and out, breaking the count, Ambrose grabs a chair and Cone warns him. Miz in with a big boot, Maryse running interference, Miz is gonna use the chair, Cone back over and Miz drops it, leading Dean to pick it up and wave it. Forearms, back in the ring, drawing the A-Lister up the apron, Miz counters with a kick... BASEMENT DDT ON THE APRON! Only a nearfall in the ring and Miz locks a reverse chinlock in. Ambrose breaks with elbows, they trade strikes, pendulum lariat blocked into the backbreaker / neckbreaker combo, still just two!

Miz punishing Dean over the ropes, raking his face in the middle of the ring, locking a cravate on but Ambrose gets to his feet, more elbows, a headbutt, whip reversed, big knee lift from Miz and a boot to the face off the ropes, only a nearfall. Throwing punches, hooking Dean's nose in the ropes, standing surfboard, Ambrose kicks his knee out from under him but the A-Lister has a handful of hair for a mat slam.

Grounded punches, just hammering down, then waiting for Dean to rise, corner dropkick, another, a third, the Awesome Clothesline finishes the deal. Miz perched up top as a dazed Ambrose stumbles, dive into Dirty Deeds, slipped out, Skull Crushing Finale denied, back up top, Dean shoves him to the outside... DIVING ELBOW DROP TO THE OUTSIDE! Back in the ring, charging elbows, whip reversed, back with a lariat, bridging fisherman suplex... NOPE!

Miz drawing himself up in the corner, Dean in with a forearm, bulldog blocked, he ducks a kick in return, schoolboy, swinging neckbreaker, only a nearfall. Ambrose climbing, Miz under, Dean lands hard on his leg and Miz takes full advantage, hooking his leg over the ropes and kicking it out from under him as referee John Cone counts. Charging in, sunset flip, the A-Lister counters, figure four leglock in the middle of the ring!

Ambrose fighting, struggling to turn Miz over or get to the bottom rope but he can't quite doing. Slapping life into his face, he gets the bottom rope! Miz breaks the hold when he goes back to it, Dean fights him off and climbs up top but Miz meets him and blocks whatever he's got planned. Dean slips out under him, looking for a powerbomb. Miz slips out but yanks the turnbuckle pad off. Dean goes to slam him into it but Cone reminds him and he stops short.

Miz connects with the Busaiku Knee Kick and follows with the Daniel Bryan chest kicks for the full experience. Dean catches the buzzsaw finale and applies a figure four of his own! Miz barely gets the ropes himself and goes looking for Skull Crushing Finale, Dean reverses to a victory roll pin, easily escaped, and lands the pendulum lariat. Maryse on the apron, Dirty Deeds hooked, Miz shoves Dean off nearly into his wife, charges in, Ambrose sidesteps, Miz stops short and asks his wife to slap him, which she does.

Cone is smart to the their plan and ejects Maryse, but she comes back to yell at him and he demands she leave, at which point Miz throws Ambrose into him. Cone is fighting mad and ready to throw the match out, Dean begs him not to, at which point Miz comes from behind...

Miz wins by pinfall with Skull Crushing Finale.


Bayley is interviewed backstage about people's doubts that she can be extreme. She says Alexa thinks a lot of things, like her This Is Your Life deal was good, and she doesn't know Bayley or how much the title means to her. She's ready, she's been watching Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and even a little Steve Blackman. (No Nick Gage? C'mon, Bayley.) She saw Wonder Woman and she walked out of the theater empowered.

And more importantly it reminded her of why she's here, and now she's gonna regain the title.

Alicia Fox & Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann & Sasha Banks (Mixed Tag Team Match)

Sasha and Alicia to start, Fox goes right behind for a mat slam and leaps into Dar's arms for the tag before the Boss can retaliate. Swann off the ropes with a clothesline, hard chop in the corner, face to the turnbuckle, he's fired up but Noam drops him with an arm wringer. Rich back in it in the corner, climbing, but Dar makes the tag and they have to switch again.

Fox and Banks into it hard, throwing hands violent, big right from Alicia gets a big kick from Sasha, tilt-a-whirl into the Bank Statement crossface and Dar pulls Fox's foot on the ropes to force the break. Boot from Alicia, throwing forearms, choking the Boss in the ropes, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, only two and she locks a reverse chinlock in. Banks to her feet, whip in the corner, jumping for the tag but Fox blocks, Sasha sidesteps a kick and Alicia gets hung up on the turnbuckles.

Tag made, Swann in with a strike rush, whip reversed, tilt-a-whirl headscissors, rolling solebutt, off the ropes, somersault guillotine leg drop, pulling him up, Dar reverses to a victory roll pin and they clobber each other with lariats. Forearm exchange, Rich looking for a backslide, denied, Noam has an uppercut, Swann lands the crescent kick but he can't capitalize! Banks and Fox get into it, brawling in and out of the ring!

Dar puts Swann into the barricade, the Boss up top, Noam makes the save... METEORA TO THE OUTSIDE ON DAR! Rich takes him back in the ring, climbs up top...

Rich Swann & Sasha Banks win by pinfall with a Phoenix Splash from Swann on Noam Dar.

Swann and Banks celebrate by dancing in the middle of the ring.


Elias Samson is in the ring to sing us a song. He talks about walking along the harbor and watching people go by, and he wants the crowd to hold their applause until he's done. As it turns out, the song is about how Baltimore is bathed in filth and the people are the same, and so on.


Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley (WWE Raw Women's Championship Kendo Stick on a Pole Match)

Squaring off, Alexa offers Bayley a free pass to go get the stick but yanks her by the head with a mat slam when she actually comes in for it. Bliss climbing, the Hugger blocks, putting her face into the turnbuckle. Scoop and a slam, only a quick cover and she climbs only for Alexa to cut her off in turn and clobber her with that forearm. Alexa having trouble reaching, Bayley meets her, struggle in the corner, throwing punches, clubbing blows from Bliss, but Bayley gets the kendo stick!

Crawling at the stick from opposite sides of the corner, Bayley cuts her off and puts her into the barricade before dropping her with a back suplex on the outside and finally returning for the kendo stick. She picks it up and waves it at Alexa before chasing her around the ring with it. Alexa desperate, begging off, Bayley with an overhand swing but Bliss takes her down!

Alexa has the kendo stick and beats on the Hugger with it repeatedly. Caught by the Bayley-to-Belly but the Hugger can't capitalize! Bliss sets the stick up in the corner and puts Bayley through it shoulder first before hitting her a few more times...

Alexa Bliss wins by pinfall with the snap DDT, retaining the WWE Raw Women's Championship.


We get a house ad for Money in the Bank before a sportsballman is shown in the front row dressed as Virgil, sleeveless tuxedo and all.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy) (c) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match)

Cesaro and Sheamus go for escapes right out the gates! The Hardyz yank them down and the struggle continues. Cesaro nearly escapes, and Matt yanks him back down. Sheamus whips Jeff across, powerslam escaped, Manhattan Drop to the double leg drop, off the ropes, lariat into the steel! Jeff on Cesaro now, smashing his face into the turnbuckles but he runs into Irish Curse and the rally ends as Cesaro and Sheamus ram him into the cage.

Same deal for Matt, and they look to escape but the Hardyz again meet them and cut them off. Struggling in the corner, Cesaro and Jeff whipped into each other as their partners begin the climb, but escape falls through for both men. Jeff clubbing the Celtic Warrior against the ropes as his Broken Brilliance slams the Swiss Superman's skull into the steel. Stereo dropkicks connect, Matt goes for the door but Sheamus grabs his foot and blocks.

Poetry in Motion wipes Sheamus out, another for Cesaro, Hardyz climbing but the Europeans cut them off and smash them into the cage to try and block. Brother Nero able to keep climbing but Sheamus comes over... DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Diving elbow from Matt, he reverses Sheamus into the cage and begins climbing once more, to the top and Cesaro meets him, dragging him back in and firing kidney shots.

Passing him to Sheamus for the Finlay Roll, the Celtic Warrior tries to escape but Matt blocks him. They put boots to him but Matt isn't giving up and they head back in, throwing Jeff into the cage. Flapjack puts Matt in again himself, Jeff tries to rally, catching the cage on a Gallon Throw, nearly over the edge! The Swiss Superman pulls him in and nearly gets over the top himself when Brother Nero arrives to block.

Diving double axehandle, Cesaro holds Jeff up for a Brogue Kick but he ducks! Leg-feed dropkick on Sheamus and Matt follows up with a tornado DDT! Hardyz climbing, nearly over the top when the Europeans meet them. Jeff nearly off but Cesaro holds on with one hand! Jeff blocks him and falls to the floor! Matt's still suck in the cage with Sheamus and Cesaro! Side Effect on Cesaro, ducks a lariat, one for Sheamus!

Climbing as Jeff cheers him on but Cesaro blocks him! Jeff climbs back up the outside trying to help his brother but Cesaro knocks him down with headbutts! Dragging his Broken Brilliance back inside... DOUBLE CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! Jeff combs back to the door and Cesaro tries to block but gets the door slammed in his face. Sheamus knocks Jeff down with a Brogue Kick and goes to exit but Matt has a hold of him!

Looking for White Noise but he only gets a Twist of Fate! Cesaro climbing, Matt catches him with an Iconoclasm! Climbing, almost over the edge but Cesaro's on him! Uppercut connects! Sheamus hooks him... AVALANCHE WHITE NOISE! Jeff takes his shirt off and climbs the cage, perching up top... WHISPER IN THE WIND FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!

Matt's by the door, beckoning Jeff, trying to help him up, but Cesaro and Sheamus are climbing, it's a race...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by first escaping the steel cage, winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship!


Austin Aries vs. Neville (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship Submission Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Neville forces Aries to the corner and breaks dirty with a leg kick. Aries throwing his own in return, headlock, the King pushes him to the corner for a break and grabs an armbar after. Austin reverses, Neville reverses again, A-Double completes the cycle and rolls through to a hammerlock grounded octopus hold! The King rushes to the ropes, slow to come back in as Aries perches in the corner.

Neville lets the crowd get to him a second, circling, test of strength but the King decides he's gonna pick the leg. Austin blocks, locks a guillotine choke on and Neville forces him in the corner for the break. Shoulder thrust, to the next corner, whip across, up and over, off the ropes, duck a lariat, cartwheel, A Double boxes the ears! Up and over to the apron, elbow, slingshot senton atomico, Last Chancery but Neville bails!

On the outside, Aries puts him into the barricade, whip into the barricade on the other side, fireman's carry facebuster into the apron! Back in the ring, Neville immediately bails, A Double thinking a dive but the King sidesteps so he climbs up top and hits a diving elbow, tweaking his knee slightly. Trying to get back in, Neville kicks his leg out from under him before picking it for a dragon screw!

Stomping the side of Austin's face in, and he grabs an ankle lock, wrenching it in for maximum torque on the knee. Aries firing upkicks off to escape, caught by a back elbow, but an uppercut sends the King crashing outside. When he comes back in he eats a series of strikes, Austin behind him, shinbreaker, three of 'em in total before finishing the series with a flipping back suplex.

Rolling elbow blocked but A Double does a dragon screw, trying a figure four of some kind but Neville blocks and takes it to the apron, where he dropkicks Aries clean off. Arm wringer on the outside, putting the arm into the apron. A chop rolling A Double back in, boot the shoulder, Neville taking time to yell at the crowd between kicks to the shoulder. Arm wringer, climbing up top, looking for a missile dropkick but Aries picks the legs for the figure four leglock!

The King trying to turn it over but Austin uses the momentum to roll through and keep the hold, leading Neville to grab the ropes for the break. A Double with the neckbreaker over the middle rope, climbing up top... NEVILLE SIDESTEPS A MISSILE DROPKICK! THE RINGS OF SATURN NECK CRANK IS ON! ARIES CRAWLING... HE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Drawing Aries into the middle of the ring to reapply it but A Double escapes and locks a plain Rings of Saturn on! Neville grabs at referee Darrick Moore but Austin stops him and he eats a superkick as he tries to keep the match going! Setting Aries up top, thinking superplex, Austin throwing hands, boxing the ears to knock him down. The King is right back up but A Double locks a guillotine choke in! Breaks on the count... SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB INTO LAST CHANCERY!

Neville fighting and he breaks the plane of the ropes and drags Aries outside but he never lets go of the hold! Neville's tapping but he can't win it outside! Drawing the King up and putting him back in the ring, but he's out and he can't draw him up the apron. Neville wakes up enough to snap the arm over the ropes... A Double connects with the rolling elbow, knocking him outside, dazed but standing! Suicide dive... NOBODY'S HOME!

Neville perched up top, RED ARROW TO THE BACK! RIGHT INTO THE RINGS...

Neville wins by submission with the Rings of Saturn neck crank, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.


We get a house ad for Great Balls of Fire, in case you believed that was an elaborate joke and not the actual name of the next pay-per-view.

Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender's Match)

All five men squaring off, Bray and Finn pair off, as well as Joe and Rollins, leaving Roman standing in the corner waiting for his spot. The other men brawl to the outside and the Big Dog stretches, surveying the carnage as Wyatt puts Balor into the barricade. Samoa does the same to Seth as the Eater of Worlds comes back in the ring and gets into with Reigns. Trading rights, Roman gets him up, Samoan drop!

Joe in, he comes from behind, fireman's carry, Reigns escapes and gives him a Samoan drop of his own! Finn in, Roman scoops him up but he escapes, throwing forearms, so the Big Dog shoves him into the corner. Sidesteps a charge, Balor throws a kick but Roman blocks. Squaring off with Rollins now, but Wyatt and Joe come in to attack the Big Dog! The Architect makes the save, pulling Samoa away, but Bray puts Roman into the ringpost.

Going after Seth now, but Balor comes in and puts boots to Wyatt. Joe takes care of Rollins, thinking dive, Seth rolls back in, he hits the dive! Rolling solebutt into a shotgun dropkick from Finn, slingshot stomps, taking it to Bray and then Rollins, then Samoa in turn. Off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Roman with the big slicing right, putting Balor into the barricade and smashing his face into the apron to follow.

Wyatt goes to drag the Big Dog back inside and earns himself a right hand for his trouble and then the Drive-By... BUT SAMOA JOE CLIPS HIM OUT OF THE AIR! He throws Reigns into the barricade and has a moment with Wyatt, who also smashes Roman into the barricade before taking him to the apron. Joe throws him into the steel steps as Bray takes a breather on the announce table. Setting up the steps as Wyatt comes over, Bray stamps on Reigns' hand.

They put the steps into the Kingslayer and then into Balor in turn, finally coming full circle and clipping the Big Dog with them. Boots to Finn, to Rollins in passing and Joe puts Balor in the ring, throwing jabs in the corner. The Eater of Worlds joins him, big rights, and Samoa tops it off with a stomp. Disdainful slaps, Balor fires up! Throwing hands but That Damned Numbers Game comes into effect and they keep him down.

Joe goes for a cover but thinks better of it when Bray turns around, and they go back to work on Finn. Wyatt with a body slam, Seth back in, throwing strikes, off the ropes, dropkick to Bray, reverse STO into the turnbuckles for Joe, looking to dive on Wyatt but he cuts him off with the big right. Bray DDTs Rollins into the steps! Joe has the Coquina Clutch on Balor but he steps up the turnbuckles and breaks it, double stomp, Wyatt cuts his roll off with a steel chair to the back!

Chairshots for Reigns, Bray boots him out of the ring and brandishes the chair at Samoa, smiling as Joe begs off. Bray is feeling friendly and clocks Balor instead, laying the chair on him so Joe can hit a chair-assisted senton! Samoa sets it back up for Wyatt, who hits a senton of his own. Chair set up in the corner but Finn sidesteps the charge and Joe goes head-first into it! He drops low to dodge the huge turning crossbody block from Wyatt and the Big Dog hits the Drive-By!

Roman with a one-arm powerbomb on Balor, big lariat for Joe, corner lariats for Bray, big boot for Samoa, strike combo for Wyatt and the Big Dog has the ring cleared! Calling for the Superman Punch but Joe yanks him out of the ring and they throw punches at each other! Samoa has to turtle up and Bray comes over... ROCK BOTTOM INTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK! Seth knocks Bray off the apron, plancha for Joe, springboard lariat, only two.

Rollins fighting Joe and Bray off two-for-one, double blockbuster, only a nearfall! Suicide dive on Samoa, another for Wyatt but he shoves Joe in the way! Seth throws Bray back in the ring, joins him, blocks the Rock Bottom but he's caught by the lariat. Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow... NOT ENOUGH! Kingslayer to the apron, waiting, he springboards... CAUGHT INTO SISTER ABIGAIL... JOE BREAKS IT UP!

Bray begs off but ultimately shoves Samoa and eats punches in the corner. Charging back elbow, corner enzuigiri, only two. Headbutt, off the ropes, Wyatt catches him with the huge twisting crossbody block and goes to the corner, hanging backwards. Sister Abigail clutched, Joe reverses, Coquina Clutch! Finn breaks it up with a chair! Waffling Samoa and Bray! Double stomp into the chair on Wyatt, Roman coming back in and Balor clobbers him with a dropkick and follows with the Penalty Kick off the apron!

Shotgun dropkick on the outside for Bray, around the ring, one for Joe as well! Smashing Wyatt's face into the announce desk over and over, Finn dismantles the next table over and sets the Eater of Worlds on it. He's eyeing the turnbuckles but Joe catches him from behind with the Coquina Clutch... ROMAN SPEARS THEM BOTH THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER'S BARRICADE!

Seth up top... FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! But he landed bad on his knee, he's in agony! Roman's mouth is bloodied but he's still standing as Rollins begins hobbling to the ring. Both men back inside, squaring off, wild punches put Seth ahead but the Big Dog cuts him off with an uppercut! Charging forearm, an enzuigiri, looking for a powerbomb but Roman back body drops him, Superman Punch, only a nearfall!

Big Dog calling for the spear, Seth sidesteps, schoolboy, only two, Avada Kedavra, again just a nearfall! Rollins up top, Frog Splash... NO GOOD! The Kingslayer hobbling, setting Reigns up again, climbing, Phoenix Splash but nobody's home! Wyatt back in, Sister Abigail, Roman breaks it up, clutched on Reigns, he escapes, spear! Big Dog dodges the ripcord knee, Rollins hits the buckle bomb! Superman Punch in return, Finn comes in and Roman clobbers him with one as well!

Calling for the spear again, Balor counters with Sling Blade! Shotgun dropkick, climbing, Coup de Gras... JOE IN WITH THE COQUINA CLUTCH! BODYSCISSORS APPLIED! FINN IS OUT ON THE MAT! IT'S OVER!

Samoa Joe wins by submission with the Coquina Clutch on Finn Balor.

That's the show, folks.

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