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WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz full match preview

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

Intercontinental championship match

This isn’t the first time that the Miz and Dean Ambrose have crossed paths. They had a bit of a feud on SmackDown last year. In fact, Ambrose is Intercontinental champion because he won the title from the Miz.

Because of that, fans initially rolled their eyes when both Dean Ambrose and the Miz were moved to Raw and immediately started feuding with each other. How much of a shake up is it if it’s just the same feud with different colored ropes?

Luckily, they soon had a promo battle that gave the feud a spark and brought out the best in both men. It demonstrated what fans love about both guys. Miz couldn’t hide his disdain for how Dean carried himself and his image. To the A Lister, Ambrose was a disgrace given how he looked and dressed. This fired up Dean, who passionately said it’s not about what kind of suits he wears but about heart.

They had an Intercontinental title match weeks later on Raw. When the ref was distracted by Maryse, Miz tried to go for a low blow on the champion. However, Dean caught him. In response, he kicked Miz square between the legs. But this time, the referee was looking. Miz won by disqualification. Ambrose retained his title.

Miz was furious, despite the fact he was the one who looked to cheat first. He demanded restitution from General Manager Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold Medalist obliged, booking a match where the title could change hands on a disqualification.

The A-Lister showed Dean how that could play to the champ’s disadvantage. When Dean Ambrose was fighting the Drifter Elias Samson, Miz slid into the ring and attacked Samson. This resulted in Dean taking a disqualification loss.

If something like that were to happen tonight, Dean will lose his title. This is perfect for a schemer like Miz. Could he try to anger Dean in order to get him to disqualify himself? Or maybe Miz will have someone waiting in the wings to attack him in order to DQ Dean? There are plenty of methods that the Miz can take back what is his.

The Intercontinental was in great hands with Miz last year during the Intercontinental Championship World Tour. While much of what comes out of his mouth is BS, the fact that he elevated the title last year is not one of them. When Dean has a secondary belt, it runs a risk of becoming a prop because he often finds himself in bigger feuds that aren’t for the belt. Tonight, Miz has plenty of ways to get the World Tour started up again.

WWE Extreme Rules airs tonight on the WWE Network at 8 EST. Keep it here at for all your Extreme Rules coverage.


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