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WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus full match preview

Maybe it’s me, but it seems like there’s more interest in what’s going on with the Hardys away from the confines of the 20’ x 20’ ring than what’s going on with them in it.

For those unaware, since Meh TNA (yes, I know their technical name is Impact Wrestling, but they’re still TNA to me, damnit) and the Hardys divorced in late February, Anthem Entertainment and wrestling’s once-upon-a-time hottest act have been at war over who owns the rights—a war that may take months or years to play out in court while the Hardys have continued to score knockout after knockout in the court of public opinion (which, in the wrestling business, is really the one that matters).

Their EXPEDITION OF GOLD has taken them to first-, second-, third-, and the occasional fourth-tier independent for the sole purpose of taking their promotion’s tag team titles. Or… something. The expedition had an unexpected stop in Ring of Honor in March. And a very unexpected stop in early April.

Less than 20 minutes after returning to WWE television, the Hardy Men (Hardy Men? Hardy Men. I mean, one of them is 42, the other 39. But then they called the Dudleys the Dudley Boyz when they came back) PROCURED YET ANOTHER tag team championship: the WWE Tag Team Championship (RAW subdivision), completing their EXPEDITION OF GOLD.

For now.

A collision course with the debuting Revival may have been in the works, but then Dash Wilder got his jaw broke.

So we were left with the respectful battles between the once-odd couple of Brother Nero and Broken Matt and Cesaro and Sheamus.

Then Payback happened. The Hardyz beat Cesaro and Sheamus. Jealousy on line one. Even without the injury that sideline the Revival, friendship be damned in the name of championship gold.

On May 8, Cesaro and Sheamus sweep Tag Team Turmoil and put themselves firmly in the front of the line for a tag title match.

Two weeks later, the BROKEN ONE defeated Sheamus for the right to name the stipulation for the tag title match. Matt called STEEL CAGE. I guess he forgot about the last time the Hardyz were in a cage together in WWE. It didn’t go well, and by it didn’t go well, I mean it broke the duo up (for about ten weeks).

This brings us to what will surely be THE GREAT WAR between these four, with lots and lots of steel surrounding them. Can the odd couple and novelty act knock off WWE’s latest nostalgia act?

My pick, or should I say, my PREMONITION: take it away, Brother Nero.

TotalDivasEps on Tumblr
TotalDivasEps on Tumblr

Hardys retain.

Also, you are singing along now. You’re welcome.

Join your favorite wrestling community in the galaxy for an evening of EXTREME MADNESS beginning at 7pm ET Sunday.

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