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Here’s Goldberg pranking fans in a tiara

This isn’t exactly new content, but I just stumbled across it and found it pretty amusing, so... thought I’d share.

Former WWE Universal champion Goldberg has made a few appearances on TruTV’s Chris Webber’s Full Court Pranks, a Punk’D (or Swerved, for folks who never watch anything but wrestling)-style show hosted by the former basketball great.

In this recurring bit, a mark is hired as a production assistant and pitted between Goldberg and a commercial director with whom he’s beefing. Hilarity, or at least some nervous laughter, ensues.

But it’s worth it for when the director forces Bill to wear a pink boa and tiara. Something this guy, whose name is Guy and may be related to James Ellsworth, has the perfect reaction to...

There’s a second one with the same set-up, but the guy who’s next is no Guy.

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