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Baron Corbin has to carry his iPad in his Money in the Bank briefcase while traveling

Winning the Money in the Bank ladder match is great for the wrestler in question because it means, traditionally, they’re going to become a champion sooner rather than later. It’s also something of a rib on said wrestler because they have to carry a big ugly briefcase around until they cash in.

On the latest Talk is Jericho podcast, Baron Corbin, who won the right to lug around a blue briefcase, talked about having to travel with it now:

"It's my second carry-on, it's replacing one of my carry-ons. I actually have to use it to carry like my iPad or my headphones or whatever I have in my little bag that I take on the plane now is going to be in the briefcase."

If you’re wondering why he does this, he would tell Jericho it’s mandated by the office, that it must go everywhere he does. It’s smart in the sense that it acts as a easy promotion for the company but it also leads to a great big guy in all black getting looks for carrying a silly blue briefcase with “MONEY IN THE BANK” on the side of it.

So very WWE.

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