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I think the stars of SmackDown are jealous they don’t get to say ‘Balls’

Yes, the upcoming Raw brand pay-per-view (PPV) has a ridiculous name. But once you get past the fact they named an event after a sixty year old song, it’s pretty hilarious to see WWE Superstars and the outlets which cover wrestling saying/writing Great Balls of Fire all the time.

Okay, maybe just for folks like me who have the sense of humor of a thirteen year old. But there are a lot of us, and I think some of them work for SmackDown.

Deprived of the opportunity to plug Great Balls of Fire, or even a guest appearance by The Ball Family, the stars of the blue brand are stuck having to come up with their own ways to make “Balls” jokes.

Fortunately, an opportunity presented itself last night (June 27) when the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match included a spot where Becky Lynch sent James Ellsworth crotch first into the top rope. Even without saying the “B” word, the Lasskicker and the Big Hog took that as an opening for some testicular humor:

Not to be outdone, on Talking Smack General Manager Daniel Bryan worked in his own reference to Ellsworth’s Big Hog (admittedly a dick joke, but these folks are desperate for any kind of a male genitalia humor) before mocking Raw’s next Sunday show as a way to defend his own’s blandly named Battleground. But you know he really just wanted to say “balls”...

In a few weeks, after the July 9 show in Dallas has come and gone, this “balls” fever should be behind us. At least until next year.

And for the sake of DB and his roster, hopefully the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view event will be a SmackDown brand show in 2018.

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