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Daniel Bryan’s cool with James Ellsworth’s involvement in SmackDown’s ladder match because ‘he got what he deserved’

We’ve now had two women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches, and both ended with the same person holding the briefcase.

The key difference to “take two” last night (June 27) in San Diego was that Carmella climbed the ladder and retrieved the case containing a contract for a title shot herself. But despite being banned from the building by General Manager Daniel Bryan, her associate James Ellsworth still played a role in the match.

Becky Lynch stopped him from grabbing the briefcase from above the ring and throwing it down to Carm again like he had on pay-per-view (PPV) a couple weeks ago, but did the time the Lasskicker spent dealing with Jimmy Dream - sending him crotch first into the top rope - cost her the chance to win the match?

A week after Bryan was outraged Carmellsworth conspired to win a no disqualification match by less-than-honorable means, the GM is fine with James’ appearance this time despite the fact he circumvented his ban.

As he explained on Talking Smack (clip above):

Now James somehow found his way into the building, but he got what he deserved. The Big Hog has been destroyed.

Okay, sure. I’m a sucker for a Big Hog reference, so I’ll allow it. And props for taking even a second to offer any explanation, but... let’s just accept that the controversy from Money in the Bank was more ratings grab than good storytelling and move on.

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