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WWE Raw viewers down, despite all the Balls


Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw such a nice jump in viewers for a heavily promoted episode featuring a Roman Reigns SummerSlam announcement, jumping up and over an average of 3 million viewers for all three hours. They couldn’t sustain that this week, dropping down to 2.97 million.

You know, despite all the Balls.

There was good news, though. The hourly breakdown showed a small but steady increase all throughout the evening:

Hour one: 2.88 million
Hour two: 3.09 million
Hour three: 2.95 million

This has to be somewhat disappointing for WWE, considering they brought in Lavar Ball and his two sons for an appearance on Miz TV — one that resulted in the company issuing a statement on inappropriate language on the show today — while also pushing the return of Brock Lesnar for a confrontation with Samoa Joe. Still, it could have been worse and there’s reason to believe things are looking up as we head deeper into the summer.

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