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Becky Lynch wants a cage match against James Ellsworth at SummerSlam

Becky Lynch suplexes James Ellsworth at WrestleMania 33

James Ellsworth and Becky Lynch have been going back-and-forth for months. And while WWE still doesn’t do intergender wrestling, if there was ever a time to book a match, it’s just after Ellsworth created a stir by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match for Carmella (a decision that was later reversed). Lynch is one of the women he made sure didn’t win.

In an interview with, she was asked if she’s eventually going to break his arm. Her response:

“You know I am. I can’t wait to get my hands on him. I’m hoping for Summerslam. I’m hoping to fight him there in a cage match or something.”

It’s probably not going to happen but they’ve done a hell of a job building to a Lynch vs. Ellsworth match. What’s more, the presentation of it has been such that if it was a steel cage match, you would worry much more about Ellsworth’s safety than Lynch.

This writer is going to hope it happens.


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