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WWE SmackDown Live results (June 27, 2017): Money in the Bank, Part Deux

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 27, 2017) from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, featuring what will basically be a re-run of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that took place just over one week ago.

Advertised for tonight: A women’s Money in the Bank ladder match re-do, Lana challenging Naomi for the SmackDown women’s championship, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Wild-eyed and tight fisted, I'm fused to the bone. I stand contemplating, reacting alone. Impaled with betrayal, the tourniquet turns. Society's creation, pole-axed out and burnt, I begin to liveblog this here pro wrestling show.

The show opens with a video package about the women's Money in the Bank ladder match and the fallout therefrom.

Daniel Bryan makes his entrance and says he's proud of the women's revolution on SmackDown and talks up the two big matches the women have tonight, both rematches from Money in the Bank. He begins running down the rules of the Money in the Bank ladder match--

Enter Carmella, flanked by James Ellsworth as usual. She complains that he calls this the land of opportunity but it's more like the land of injustice, and last week the biggest injustice in WWE history took place when he stripped her of her Money in the Bank contract. She claims she won the ladder match fair and square, that the rulebook states in black and white that the match was no disqualification and thus had no rules.

Furthermore, it said the first woman to gain possession of the contract wins the match. James isn't the first guy to get involved in a Money in the Bank-- were either Seth Rollins or Sheamus stripped of their contracts? Nope, and she has an aneurysm over how she did nothing wrong and it's not fair.

Just because she's that much more intelligent than everyone else in the locker room, it doesn't give him the right to take what's hers, and now that contract is dangling over her head. Bryan says she makes some very valid points; Money in the Bank is no disqualification and other people have interfered before, but never in history has somebody climbed the ladder, grabbed the contract, and handed it to a competitor.

He says he made his decision but polls the WWE Universe on just handing the contract back to Carmella anyway. Predictably, the crowd is not for calling the rematch off and just giving it back to her and cheer big for the idea of seeing the ladder match for themselves tonight.

Ellsworth says Bryan's just as pathetic as the crowd and he used to look up to him as a man, but now he doesn't see a man, he sees a gutless, spineless coward that has no grapefruits to cut it in the ring anymore so he made up some hokey injury. Daniel stares him down long and hard before turning and laughing and saying he probably should just fire him, but tonight it's not about him.

It's about the real superstars of SmackDown, and he knows he banned him from ringside last week, but don't worry, he takes that back. He's not gonna ban Jimmy from ringside, he's going to ban him from the entire arena! Bryan calls for security as Carmella begs and pleads that her guy didn't mean it.

Four security guards come down and haul Ellsworth out of the ring bodily! He slips away from them and makes a break for it but they catch him resume carrying him out. He gets away again and tries to dive into the crowd but gets hung up on the barricade and they succeed in hauling Jimmy Dream out through the entryway this time.

Daniel Bryan wishes Carmella luck sincerely and takes his leave.

Commentary hypes up our women's championship match as well as Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin for later, and we see the Hype Bros walking backstage to send us to break.

Back from commercial, the Hype Bros make their entrance.

Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Ryder and Jimmy to start, collar and elbow, Zack with a side headlock, gets shot off, runs the Uso over with a shoulder block, drop down, arm drag, another, hits the flapjack into a cover, only one. Tag to Rawley, assisted lariat, Mojo goes low, Jey tags in. He throws a chop and Mojo is unmoved, declaring him not hype.

Another, Rawley off the ropes with a shoulder block, he take Uso outside with a lariat and tags Zack in, back body dropping his partner to the outside onto both Usos! Ryder eats a boot in the face and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Usos save themselves from the Broski Boot, Jimmy off the top...

The Usos win by pinfall with a diving splash from Jimmy Uso on Zack Ryder.

Big E does the deal and the New Day make their entrance. Xavier Woods begins, saying they're so proud of the Usos for winning a match rather than running away in the middle of it. E says they want the gold, sucka, and at Battleground they're comin' for you-- whoa whoa, hold it!

The Usos say they don't deserve a shot. Why, so they can get the L again and go back to their playpen or go whine to Shane so they can just fail again? Tonight they're gonna take a pass on whippin' that ass but at Battleground they accept their challenge, and be careful what you wish for, because it ain't about New Day no more, it's about that day one ish.

Woods asks where they're going and says they got bars, but all New Day does is spit hot fire. Kofi Kingston takes them to school, rapping a few bars about how the Usos are like booty.

Tamina is stretching backstage as commentary hypes up our two big women's matches and a special edition of Fashion Vice and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get right into Fashion Vice with a little preamble from the commentary booth.

This episode is entitled Under Pressure. Breeze asks Fandango what their strategy is and he's about the good cop, bad cop. Ascension say they didn't do anything and deny that the picture that Fandango drew is of them. He says he believes them and offers Eddie Money tickets to try and get them to come clean.

Viktor goes to take 'em but Konnor reminds him they only listen to grindcore and thrash metal. (Yeah boy!) Tyler puts his water guns on the table and turns the heat up, offering them iced tea and a cheese platter. They say they didn't attack him and were only there because they wanted a match on the card.

There's a clatter at the door and the hot cops step through to find their office trapped again. They go back into the interrogation room and try to figure it out as Ascension eat the cheese and take the Eddie Money tickets.

Natalya is getting ready for the ladder match backstage.

Naomi makes her entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Lana makes her entrance.

Lana vs. Naomi (c) (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship)

Lana attacks Naomi from behind before the bell! She's stomping away but referee Mike Chioda pulls her off and checks the champion. The bell rings and Lana gets right in there, hooking the arm behind her back for the hammerlock leg-hook spinebuster... NO GOOD! Drawing the champion up, Naomi gets a roundhouse kick off, double jump...

Naomi wins by pinfall with the split-legged moonsault, retaining the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

Lana throws an absolute shitfit in the ring afterward.

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage about her second chance at the briefcase. She says she was inches away from proving that you can walk your own path and still be successful here when Ellsworth ripped that away from her. Thankfully Bryan did the right thing and now she has a fair chance, and that's all she needs to win the ladder match.

Aiden English is in the ring to sing us a song about how good he is at singing.

Enter Randy Orton, cutting him off mid-song, and we go to break during his entrance.

Back from commercial and Randy Orton is sitting in English's chair. We get footage from the commercial break to explain that Aiden ate an RKO.

The Viper says he's not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. Last week he tore into the champion, did a little of this, a little of that, and he rolls footage of his attack. That pales in comparison to what he's gonna do to Jinder Mahal if he doesn't get his rematch for the WWE Championship.

You may ask yourself why Randy Orton deserves another chance, and he explains that if he doesn't get it he's gonna go to the locker room and beat the holy hell out of Jinder. And then again in the parking lot, he's gonna bump into him and beat the holy hell out of him. And then tomorrow at the airport, maybe he'll beat the crap out of him there too.

And next week, same deal, beat the holy hell out of Jinder Mahal.

Enter Shane McMahon. He points out that they're live on TV and they can't have Randy shutting down the show or threatening the safety of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Orton asks what he's gonna do, fire him? Go ahead and he'll buy tickets, he doesn't care if he's arrested and taken for every penny he's worth, Mahal disrespected his family!

Randy reiterates his demand for a title shot and Shane says he gets it, the Singh Brothers crossed the line, but with all due respect Orton has used those tactics himself before. But McMahon says he's never seen this look in the Viper's eyes before and he knows what he's feeling, so he's got the rematch.

He'll face the WWE Champion at Battleground, but there will be a stipulation, and in deference to the WWE Champion, Jinder will get to pick that stipulation. Orton thanks him and says he doesn't give a damn what the stipulation is, he's bringing the title home where it belongs.

Enter Jinder Mahal, flanked by the Singh Brothers as always. He says this is exactly what's wrong with SmackDown, with management, and with all of you people. He says you support a snake like Randy Orton who isn't worthy of a rematch, and something about St. Louis and Bob Orton in Punjabi.

A USA! chant gets him saying that bias is why he'll name his stipulation, a match made by his personal hero the Great Khali. The name Battleground is very fitting, because it'll be Mahal and Orton locked in a Punjabi Prison Match!

We get a quick video clip about the Punjabi Prison as Orton and Mahal stare each other down.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is talking about the match on the phone and hangs up when AJ Styles rolls up. He needs to talk about the open challenge thing with Kevin Owens, complaining that he came down first and didn't get it last week. Speak of the devil, KO rolls up and asks AJ what the problem is.

He's missing the point of the open challenge, and that's that they're for people he hasn't beaten before, and Styles needs to accept that he's a loser. AJ calls him Ron Burgundy's definition of San Diego, and they bicker until Bryan cuts 'em off. He reminds Kev about John Cena's open challenges and says that gives him an idea that next Tuesday, on the 4th of July, they're gonna have a #1 contender's battle royal for the United States Championship!

AJ's in and he's stoked, but Owens thinks it's a terrible idea.

Charlotte Flair is backstage getting ready for the ladder match, but Corbin/Zayn is up next.

First, commentary has to plug WWE 2K18 and give us a first look to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get some hype for Talking Smack tonight, featuring Kevin Owens and the Usos.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are standing at the top of the ramp. Maria introduces herself and then Mike does, and she continues, but get cut off by Sami Zayn's entrance and starts to lose her mind. Sami's apologetic but continues to the ring for his match against Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

Circling, collar and elbow, Corbin backs Zayn in the corner and breaks dirty with a right hook. Springboard leafrog, duck a lariat, tilt-a-whirl headscissors, charging in, Baron with a knee, pass to the corner, duck the lariat, strike rush, mounted punches in the corner and the Lone Wolf takes a breather.

Sami looking for a dive, Corbin doesn't want any of it, Zayn with a plancha but he gets caught and dropped face-first across the barricade to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Corbin gets a nearfall off a lariat and locks Zayn in a bear hug! I can hardly bear it! Fighting back with forerms, off the ropes, shot to the kidneys, again, a third attempt but Sami returns the favor with a huge lariat. Blocking punches, throwing his own, whip to the corner, pass Baron outside, duck, sidestep, Corbin eats ringpost!

Up top, diving crossbody gets two, Zayn looking for a suplex, Corbin throws him off and absolutely PASTES him with a right hand! Corner lariat, another, duck a third, Sami looking for a schoolboy pin but he can't finish it. Charged into the corner, Baron sets him up top, climbs to meet him but Zayn denies whatever he has planned with a headbutt.

Up and over, charge in, the Lone Wolf is ready for him...

Baron Corbin wins by pinfall with End of Days.

Shisuke Nakamura has been watching on a monitor backstage and he's interviewed about a match with Corbin. He says Baron is dangerous but motivated by fear of what he can do, and perhaps he's right to be afraid.

We go to break on an ad for John Cena's return next week.

Back from commercial and we're informed the Usos and the New Day will be having a rap battle next week, which I am very much looking forward to watching but not looking forward to trying to keep up with in text here, dear reader.

Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya vs. Tamina (WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

Chaos from the jump, the ring clears and Carmella's alone! She sets up a ladder right under the briefcase and climbs but the other four come back in and surround her before she's halfway up. Becky and Natalya dump her outside and then have to stop Tamina from climbing. Lynch dumps Snuka, lands on her feet from a double team suplex, exploder suplex on Neidhart!

Becky and Flair alone, exploder suplex on the Queen and the Lasskicker is free to climb! She sets the ladder back up but Tamina shoves it down and hits a Samoan drop on her. Climbing... Superfly Splash! Everyone is wiped out and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Charlotte and Nattie are getting into it. Neidhart lands a straight suplex, fights an attempt by Carmella to yank her out, and the Princess of Staten Island gets into it with Tamina. Trying for a superkick, caught, Snuka throws her over the announce table but gets kicked down by Neidhart.

Big chops from Flair, Nattie ends up outside and Becky drops her with an exploder suplex on the floor! A boot from Charlotte to Tamina, throwing chops, fighting over the ladder, they hold it upright and Lynch runs in and climbs for the briefcase but she can't get it and they let the ladder fall onto the rope! Snuka boots her off the lader into a reverse STO from Flair!

Going to set the ladder back up, Charlotte knocks it down onto Snuka with a big boot and Neidhart comes in with a discus lariat for the Queen. Throwing a shorter ladder at Flair, setting the big one up, Natalya climbs! Charlotte bridges the shorter ladder to the big one and meet her on top, where they trade forearms under the briefcase!

Carmella in, she knocks the ladder over with both of them on it! Lynch from behind, pumphandle suplex and she goes to throw the short at ladder at Nattie but she sidesteps it! Spear from Tamina and everyone is wiped out again as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Natalya is on her feet and everybody else is prettymuch wiped out as she slides a ladder in the ring. Setting it up, she begins to climb, she's touching the briefcase and Charlotte come over to climb after her! Becky on the other side, Tamina right behind her, struggle all over the ladder!

Flair hammering elbows into Neidhart and the ladder tips over, sending everyone sprawing! Carmella slips in and sets it up, taking her time to make sure it's nice and secure, she climbs and fumbles with the clip when the other four get back in and shake the ladder. They physically move the ladder out from under the briefcase! Charlotte wipes Tamina out with a kick, Nattie sends Flair packing, Carmella dives on her and Lynch!

Charlotte moves the ladder in the middle of the ring, smashing Snuka with it and trapping her under it, adding a knee drop to the face for good measure! Flair climbing, she adjusts the positioning, makes her way up top but Carmella is right behind! Charlotte kicking her away to no avail... TAMINA PUSHES THE LADDER UP FROM UNDERNEATH TO KNOCK THEM OVER!

Superkick on Flair! Snuka sets the ladder back up and climbs but Neidhart and Lynch are in to meet her... double powerbomb! Nattie with a kick to the gut on Becky, sitout powerbomb connects! Sharpshooter on Carmella! Charlotte breaks it up with a kick, Natural Selection on the Princess of Staten Island!

Natalya takes Flair down through the rope and they brawl against the barricade, Neidhart dumping her into the crowd for more beatings! James Ellsworth is here! He wakes Carmella up and rolls her back in the ring, exhorting her to climb! Jimmy sets the ladder back up and starts climbing himself, as she holds her hands out for it, but Lynch comes in and knocks her out with a Penalty Kick!

The Lasskicker tips the ladder over with Jimmy Dream on it and he crotches himself on the top rope! Becky's climbing but Carmella yanks her down! A kick takes Carmella out but Lynch is one-legged and lame, she tries to climb and Carmella meets her with a chair, waffling her with it! Carmella climbs...

Carmella wins Money in the Bank by climbing the ladder and retrieving the briefcase with her own two hands.

Carmella celebrates atop the ladder with her briefcase while the other five women writhe in various levels of pain on the floor.

That's the show, folks.

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