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Mauro Ranallo on NXT commentary gig: ‘I could not ask for a better opportunity’

"I'm sweating, so I can only imagine what the NXT superstars must feel like. I gotta say, Kayla, it's so great to be back under the WWE umbrella and really means a lot for me to be here at NXT. Not only do I get to call exciting action but I get to see the next generation of superstars. So I could not ask for a better opportunity and I want to thank the WWE and all of the fans for letting me come back. This has been incredible, to say the least.

"(The response from the fans has been) humbling to say the least, Kayla. I know I've always been a polarizing individual with my calls -- I'm not everyone's cup of tea -- but I've gotta say the entire WWE Universe, not just NXT, but I've heard from fans all over the world that are very happy that I'm back, and I can't tell you how much it means to me. When I first signed with WWE I let the world know that it was a dream job of mine over 30 years in the making. One door closes but another huge door opens. I want to thank everyone. I cannot tell you how incredibly touched I am with all of the love, and I hope it continues."

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