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WWE Superstars wish you a Blessed Eid

WWE’s expansion across the globe may or may not be good for pro wrestling as a business or an artform. That’s a discussion for a different time.

It does mean the biggest wrestling/sports entertainment company the world has ever known is reaching out to different kinds of fans, which is very cool - especially for those fans.

Take this video released earlier today of wrestlers sending out wishes to the world on Eid, the festival which marks the end of the Islamic holy month Ramadan:

It’s great WWE has so many performers under contract who either are Muslim or want to send this message out to their Islamic fans. And, even if it’s part of a strategic plan to grow their business in predominantly Muslim countries, it’s great WWE is giving them a platform to do so.

Don’t take my word for it. As Syrian-Canadian Superstar Sami Zayn Tweeted:

Seeing the @WWE wishing fans an #EidMubarak is so incredibly cool & not something I ever imagined seeing as a kid. Proud to see this!

On behalf of everyone here at Cageside, have a happy and blessed Eid.

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