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A Hall of Famer might be on Raw in Los Angeles tonight, unless he’s not (possible spoiler)

There’s a rumor floating around this here darn internet about a big name making a surprise appearance on Raw in Los Angeles tonight (June 26).

It started, as so many of these things do, with a speculative comment from Dave Meltzer on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended). Meltzer reveals someone told him WWE was making “Los Angeles 3:16” shirts for the show, and since that’s a play on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s most famous catch phrase, Dave wondered aloud what that could mean...

I heard that they are printing a Los Angeles 3:16 t-shirt. Now Steve Austin does live in the Los Angeles area so, I don't know, I mean no one has told me that Steve Austin's going to be there so, I'm just saying that somebody tipped off to me that they were printing that shirt. So it could mean something, it could mean absolutely nothing.

Naturally, because it’s wrestling on the web, this has been relayed around several times to the point some Twitter accounts are fantasy booking segments where Stone Cold interacts with or even gets physical with tonight’s other rumored guest star, Lavar Ball.

But when the original source says it may mean nothing, and the man who broke the Ball story, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, says he hasn’t heard anything, either - it’s probably best to not get too worked up.

So there you have it. As my main man ReverendKain put it...

Los Angeles 3:16 says Stone Cold might show up on Raw tonight, unless he doesn't.

UPDATE: WWE is advertising the shirt. Factor that into your thinking accordingly...

UPDATE II: As Cagesider riotstorm948 points out below, this isn’t the first city in which WWE has sold these shirts (New Orleans got “NOLA 3:16” merch a couple weeks back when Raw was there). So it seems likely this is a new line of clothes, not a sign glass is gonna break in every town where they pop up.

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