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Cageside Community Star Ratings results for Money in the Bank 2017

Last week the community at Cageside Seats was asked to assign star ratings for all 7 matches that took place at Money in the Bank 2017.

The votes have all been tabulated, and for every match I will include these summary statistics:

  • Votes: Total number of votes cast for a given match.
  • AVG: The weighted average of every vote.
  • Q1: First quartile, which is the value that roughly 25% of the votes fall at or below.
  • Q2: Second quartile (aka median), which is the value that roughly 50% of the votes fall at or below.
  • Q3: Third quartile, which is the value that roughly 75% of the votes fall at or below.
  • Meltzer: Dave Meltzer’s star rating for a given match.
  • Meltz Gap: The magnitude of the difference between Meltzer and AVG.
  • Cain: My own personal star rating for the match.
  • 5-stars: The percentage of votes for 5 stars.
  • 4-stars or more: The percentage of votes for at least 4 stars.
  • 2.25 to 3.75 stars: The percentage of votes for more than 2 stars but less than 4 stars.
  • 2-stars or less: The percentage of votes that did not surpass 2 stars.
  • 0-stars: The percentage of votes for 0 stars.

The following sortable table includes all the results of the Cageside Community Star Ratings for Money in the Bank 2017.

Star Ratings: Money in the Bank 2017

Match Votes AVG Q1 Q2 Q3 Meltzer Meltz Gap Cain 5-stars 4-stars or more 2.25 to 3.75 stars 2-stars or less 0-stars
Match Votes AVG Q1 Q2 Q3 Meltzer Meltz Gap Cain 5-stars 4-stars or more 2.25 to 3.75 stars 2-stars or less 0-stars
Men's MITB 406 4.21 4 4.5 4.5 4.5 0.29 4.25 11.08% 82.51% 14.53% 2.96% 0.00%
Usos vs New Day 120 3.6 3.5 3.75 4 3.25 0.35 3.5 3.33% 45.00% 47.50% 7.50% 0.83%
Mahal vs Orton 277 3.23 2.5 3.5 4 3.5 0.27 2.25 11.19% 32.49% 50.54% 16.97% 3.61%
Hype Bros vs Colons 65 2.65 1.75 2.5 3.75 2 0.65 1.75 12.31% 24.62% 36.92% 38.46% 3.08%
Naomi vs Lana 310 2.51 1.5 2.5 3.5 1 1.51 1 7.10% 16.45% 43.87% 39.68% 5.16%
Breezango vs Ascension 92 2.51 1.5 2.5 3.5 1 1.51 1 9.78% 17.39% 39.13% 43.48% 9.78%
Women's MITB 364 2.49 1.5 3 3.5 3 0.51 2.75 4.40% 15.38% 47.53% 37.09% 12.36%

Here is a graphical summary of some of the numbers from the table. For any given match, the bottom of the blue rectangle is Q1 and the top of the blue rectangle is Q3. In most cases the blue rectangle includes the values where roughly the middle 50% of the votes were cast for that match. The thin line above the blue rectangle shows where roughly the highest 25% of the votes were cast, and the thin blue line below the rectangle shows where roughly the lowest 25% of the votes were cast. The matches are displayed left to right, sorted by AVG in descending order:


The men’s ladder match was by far the most beloved match of the night. The Q1 value for that match was at least as high as the Q3 value for any other match on the card, and this is evident by the fact that the bottom of its blue box is at least equal to the top of any other blue box in the chart.

82.51% of the voters graded this match at 4 stars or more; no other match on the card surpassed 45.00% in that category. The community AVG of 4.21 stars is the 5th highest out of all 91 matches the community has voted on since Survivor Series 2016. This match received no votes for 0 stars even though it had the highest voter turnout (406 votes).

New Day’s match was next best with an AVG score of 3.60 stars, beating out Mahal’s AVG score of 3.23 stars. Mahal’s match actually blew away New Day’s match in voting percentage for 5 stars (11.19% vs. 3.33%), but New Day’s match more than made up that gap in the voting percentage for 4 stars or more (45.00% vs. 32.49%) and 2 stars or less (7.50% vs. 16.97%).

There’s a big drop down to the next highest AVG, which was 2.65 stars for the Hype Bros match. This match actually received both the lowest voter turnout (65 votes) as well as the highest percentage (12.31%) of 5 star votes, and that was enough to rank it above the final 3 matches. Nobody bothered to even write a comment for this match.

The lowest rated three matches (Naomi vs. Lana, Breezango vs. Ascension, and the women’s ladder match) all had extremely similar AVG scores, ranging between 2.49 and 2.51 stars. These 3 matches were the only ones to eclipse 5.00% for 0 star votes.

The women’s ladder match in particular had the highest percentage for 0 stars (12.36%) and the second lowest percentage for 5 stars (4.40%) out of all 7 matches on the card. The ending to that match clearly did not sit well with many voters, and it resulted in the lowest AVG for the night.

Lana’s match with Naomi actually had the third highest voter turnout (310 votes) out of all 7 matches, beating out Mahal’s match with Orton (277 votes).

None of Meltzer’s star ratings for these 7 matches came within 0.25 stars of the community AVG. He also did not think the women’s ladder match (3 stars) was anywhere close to the worst match of the night, with both Lana’s match and Breezango’s match bombing and only earning 1 star from Meltzer.

Meltzer did agree that the men’s ladder match was way better than anything else on the card; his gap between the two best star ratings he gave out (4.5 stars vs. 3.5 stars) was even larger than the wide gap between the two best star ratings given out by the community AVG (4.21 stars vs. 3.60 stars). Meltzer also judged that Mahal’s match (3.5 stars) was better than the New Day’s match (3.25 stars) as far as the competition for second best match of the night was concerned. The community had that ranking flipped the other way around for those two matches.

Community Feedback

Finally, here are some thoughts on these matches from various Cagesiders:

Men’s MITB Ladder Match

Comment from: Fruits

4.75 Tons of insane spots but none of it felt "spot-festy" outside of the norms of ladder/Money in the Bank matches. Everything in the match felt like it had a psychological purpose. The way the match slow burned, ramped up, and presented and gave stakes was exciting. The crowd was hot for the action, and the in-ring performers absolutely delivered at every turn. This match had very clear high levels of physicality, which was absurd. The way these in-ring performers went out and got over this match was insane. Every single person in this match added something the others could not. There were clear arcs to this match, and each was great. And the way it cultivated in the finish was absolutely fantastic.

The Usos vs. The New Day

Comment from: Suplex Power

3.75 Tremendous match, Kofi was on fire. There was mat wrestling, highspots and all, so many cool nearfalls and the Usos were excellent heels. The finish brings it down but it made sense considering it’s the first chapter of the feud and now i want to see more!

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

Comment from: roversteve

3 I did enjoy this match more than their previous match. Jinder works better at a slower pace, and when the match picked up pace, it looked awkward, especially in the bump and feed that lead to the Scoop Powerslam, which is normally the smoothest, slickest thing Randy does. Here it looked clunky. Randys rage fueled rampage when the Singh Brothers put their hands on Cowboy Bob was exciting and believable and the Singh’s being involved just once, but it being a major flashpoint, made the match sufficiently different from the Backlash match

Naomi vs. Lana

Comment from: phlash74

1 star Lana was a little better than I expected going in, but let’s not get carried away here. Also, the finish was just plain weird – so the heel MITB winner distracts the heel challenger allowing the face champion (who in kayfabe at least would be harder to defeat) to get a cheap win? Very strange.

Breezango vs. The Ascension

Comment from: Kaoru Ichinose

As an unabashed fan of all things Fashion Police...…This was a pointless and unnecessary match that helped no one. The best thing I can say is that there were no big botches. Hope they get something more meaningful for Battleground.

Women’s MITB Ladder Match

Comment from: caitlynah12

3.25 Some cool spots – I always love a Twisted Bliss – and some odd ones, why is Nattie doing a Sharpshooter? For me, it was like the first ever womens HIAC – it was fine and it did not blow me away in the slightest but it was the first of its kind and that’s exciting to me.

I was legitimately emotional in the beginning as the video played – this was SO exciting and they were kicking the show off and the crowd was hyped and the competitors looked fierce. I’d been wanting a Carmella win (I had a post all ready and everything!) but the way they got there… call me dramatic or a mark whatever, it really was like a knee to the gut. I was legitimately upset. All they had to do was have a woman climb the ladder. That’s it. Have Ellsworth hold back the spirited babyface Becky that the crowd had been chanting for as Carmella climbs! But I digress….anyway that ending was first time I turned off a PPV.

Those are the results for the Cageside Community Star Ratings for Money in the Bank 2017. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Which number stands out to you the most?

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