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Reverse Momentum Theory results for Money in the Bank 2017

When it comes to predicting the winners and losers of pay-per-view (PPV) matches, there is a common belief that Reverse Momentum Theory will often play a large role in determining which wrestlers will get their hands raised in victory.

This theory essentially says that the wrestler who doesn’t have momentum heading into the PPV will probably end up winning the PPV match.

With that in mind, it’s time to find out how strongly WWE adhered to Reverse Momentum Theory in determining the winners at Money in the Bank 2017.

In order to do this, I am going to use the live blogs and recap pages here at Cageside Seats to determine which wrestlers had the momentum coming out of the go-home episode of SmackDown.

First, here is a list of the quick results for all 7 matches. Was Reverse Momentum Theory upheld? The answer to that question is in bold:

  1. Hype Bros vs. The Colons - NO
  2. Women’s MITB ladder match - N/A
  3. The Usos vs. The New Day - NO
  4. Naomi vs. Lana - YES
  5. Mahal vs. Orton - YES
  6. Breezango vs. The Ascension - YES
  7. Men’s MITB ladder match - YES

Now here are the full details on each match:

Match #1: Hype Bros defeat The Colons

Go-home show results:

Breezango & New Day vs. the Colons & the Usos
Breezango & New Day win by pinfall with the backbreaker / diving double stomp combination on Primo Colon.

He's gonna use it as a springboard, and the best of Mojo Rawley is yet to come! Zack Ryder claps him on the shoulder and says he's back and they have unfinished business as a team.

The Hype Bros reunited as a team on SmackDown, and the Colons were pinned earlier in the night. The Colons ended up losing again at the PPV, so Reverse Momentum Theory failed.

Match #2: Carmella defeats Becky, Natalya, Tamina, & Charlotte

Go-home show results:

Naomi vs. Tamina
Naomi wins by pinfall with the split-legged moonsault.

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya
Charlotte Flair wins by pinfall with Natural Selection.

Both Becky and Carmella ft. James Ellsworth were shown watching the match backstage.

This one is tricky. In group matches like this with one winner and multiple losers, things can get out of hand if Reverse Momentum Theory is applied to every single wrestler. For example, Tamina and Natalya were both pinned on SmackDown and they also lost on the PPV, so Reverse Momentum Theory failed for them. Meanwhile Charlotte won on SmackDown and then lost on the PPV, so Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld for her.

I explained last time at Extreme Rules that I think the most straightforward way to handle these group matches is to just test Reverse Momentum Theory for the winner of the match. In this case, Carmella did nothing notable on the go-home episode of SmackDown; she just watched Charlotte’s match backstage. It seems to me that her momentum was neutral, and so Reverse Momentum Theory cannot be tested.

Please let me know in the comments how you would handle this situation.

Match #3: The New Day defeat The Usos

Go-home show result:

Breezango & New Day vs. the Colons & the Usos
Breezango & New Day win by pinfall with the backbreaker / diving double stomp combination on Primo Colon.

On the go-home episode of SmackDown, the New Day was on the winning side of an 8-man tag team match against the Usos and the Colons. The New Day also defeated the Usos on the PPV, albeit via count out, and so Reverse Momentum Theory failed.

Match #4: Naomi defeats Lana

Go-home show result:

Lana attacks after the match, laying Naomi out with a forearm and taking her down with a leg-trap hammerlock spinebuster! She holds the title high before setting it down on the champion's unconscious body.

Naomi was victorious on SmackDown, but Lana attacked her after the match and took the momentum from her. Lana then lost her match to Naomi on the PPV, so Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld.

Match #5: Jinder Mahal defeats Randy Orton

Go-home show result:

Jinder orders the Singhs to head up the entryway, but the Viper has other plans... RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! The Singhs come in to check on their buddy and Randy leaves 'em, heading out through the crowd.

Randy Orton attacked Jinder Mahal from out of nowhere, giving the Viper the momentum heading into the PPV. Orton then lost to Mahal on the PPV, and so Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld.

Match #6: Breezango defeats the Ascension

Go-home show results:

Fandango talks about how his dad didn't believe in winning and how he has a bad taste in his nose. He poses in front of the mirror, flexing his pecs and wondering where Tyler Breeze is and what he's doing. Tyler is slumped against a fallen table wearing a romper and a carrying a gun, he says he was attacked by monsters.
Monsters with greasy hair and super dry skin, with one arm, no, two arms. Fandango draws a sketch and he says that's them. They leave and the camera zooms in on the plain stick figures Deputy Dango drew to close the episode out.

Breezango may have prevailed in their 8-man tag team match early in the night, but then Tyler Breeze was attacked backstage by monsters with greasy hair, taking the momentum away from Breezango. Breezango then won their match against their assailants on the PPV, and so Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld.

Match #7: Corbin defeats Styles, Nakamura, Owens, Ziggler, & Zayn

Go-home show results:

AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, & Kevin Owens

AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, & Shinsuke Nakamura win by pinfall with a Helluva Kick from Zayn on Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf climbs but Nakamura dumps the ladder over and Hot Shots him across the top rope... KINSHASA! Shinsuke sets the ladder back up and climbs and retrieves the briefcase.

Baron Corbin was pinned by Sami Zayn on SmackDown but then the Lone Wolf successfully claimed the briefcase on the PPV, and so Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld.

The final scoreboard for Money in the Bank 2017 is that Reverse Momentum Theory was upheld 4 times, failed twice, and could not be tested on the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

Overall, Reverse Momentum Theory has been upheld 8 times out of the 13 matches it has been tested on, which is a success rate of 61.5%.

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