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Here’s what little Mauro Ranallo will say about leaving WWE for a while

Mauro Ranallo has said very little about his exit from WWE back in April, which started with the company claiming he was missing from TV because he was caught in a snowstorm before rumors popped up that he was being bullied by JBL and it led to a struggle with already present mental health issues.

They announced a split, with Ranallo outright saying it had nothing to do with JBL.

And while he still hasn’t said exactly what it was that led to his hiatus, which ends with his taking over as commentator at the NXT tapings tonight (June 23, 2017) in Orlando, he did give this much to the AP:

“I was willing to walk away from my dream job, let’s leave it at that. In order for me to do that, I had to be true to my convictions and what makes you a human being.”

Now that he’s back with WWE and the relationship has been repaired, at least for now, we shouldn’t expect to hear anything more on the subject. That will likely come later.

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