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Social Slam: Enzo post-Cass breakup, Daddy Daniel Bryan, more!

The wrestling world certainly keeps a fan busy. Whether it’s speculating on rumors, pounding out FanPosts on your thoughts about what’s going on in WWE, catching up on your local indies, engaging in back-and-forth with commenters on your favorite wrestling site (hi!), dream booking your favorite wrestler. or trying to figure out if the latest 205 Live is worth a watch — it’s crazy. And it’s a lot. When the numerous colorful personalities that make up this wrestling world we’re all attached to collide with the freedom and craziness of the Internet, it’s fun but it can be hard to keep up.

In this new feature, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts that hit social media with the aim of keeping you updated or just bringing a smile to your face.

1) This is a weird first public comment since the split, no?

2) Get her, Bex!

Take my opportunity, I'll take your arm. #beckygotbank

A post shared by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

3) So sweet!! Gahh.

4) A post as great as his abs.

Being a Father is the greatest privilege. #FathersDay

A post shared by Tony Nese (@tonynese) on

5) No lie – Mustafa Ali is one of my favorite follows on Instagram so you will probably see a lot of him here.

6) If these three are on Total Divas next season, I will be one happy recapper.

7) AJ Styles is a good sport apparently!

8) Slick life for a bit, then side ponytail life came calling.

9) Too much powahhh! Too much vigor!

Too much vigor!

A post shared by Austin Creed (@xavierwoodsphd) on

10) Everyone says this to Baron Corbin.

11) Don’t do it.

12) Everyone knows this.

13) One of my favorite tweets to James Ellsworth. For my own sanity, I limited them in this batch.

14) I forgot Macey had served in the military until I saw this.

15) Throwback from Tyler. Dang.


17) Looks like Jericho.

Back when I had hair... #nationalselfieday #Champions #BeTheBar #ZigmanHair @wwesheamus @heelziggler

A post shared by Cesaro (@wwecesaro) on

18) I mean, this is a fact.

19) Nice.

20) A fantastic post.

21) Titus Brand always recruiting.

23) I love this. What a leader!

24) Top dads and top girls.

25) I love Nattie.

Any favorite posts that didn’t make the list? Share in the comments and let us know what you think of the new feature!

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