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Finn Bálor‏ has the best selfie game in WWE

As if it wasn’t bad enough when it was just greeting card companies creating “holidays”, we now have social media doing it too. Sorry, turning off grumpy old man mode...

It’s National Selfie Day!

WWE has a whole gallery of Superstar selfies up at their website here, and of course you can peruse the hashtag over at Twitter.

Based on the wrestlers I follow, there’s a pretty clear winner. And it’s not just because he’s the perfect combination of handsome and goofy. Don’t get me wrong. It totally is that. But Finn Bálor also knows to make his self portraits interesting: taking them in different locales, throwing in the occassional prop, and bringing in guest stars.

Lots and lots of guest stars...

There’s even more over in his feed. Go check ‘em out.

Now, if we could just get him a feud on Raw...

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