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Titus O’Neil brings a great message to his TED Talk

We’ve known for a little while now that Raw’s Titus O’Neil got a chance to give a TED Talk in Los Angeles in May.

Well, I shouldn’t say Titus. Jokes about expanding the brand aside, the speech given at one of a series of conferences dedicated to “ideas worth spreading” was from Thaddeus Bullard, the man behind the O’Neil character.

And that’s key, because “The Domino Effect” is based on Bullard’s real life story - from the mother who chose to give birth to him at age 12 even though her pregnancy was a result of being raped, to the man who ran the youth work camp he was sentenced to in Florida telling him “I believe in you”.

Across a series of examples and anecdotes, the message is that we can all make a difference in one another’s life by supporting each other. It’s worth a watch and definitely an idea worth spreading.

Watch it above, ask yourself if you’re gonna be the domino that moves things forward and join us in saying, “Great job, Titus Thaddeus”.

Oh, and by the way... I love you, and I believe in you.

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