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Triple H invites Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to Raw

WWE’s first foray into the sports circus that is UFC champ Conor McGregor’s upcoming boxing match with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather ended up being part of the reason Big Cass kicked his former tag partner Enzo Amore in the face this past Monday on Raw.

While I doubt this will result into any big boots or break-ups, Triple H’s overture to the mixed martial artist and boxer during a recent interview with Sky Sports probably won’t have much better results.

Haitch broke down the fight the way most observers have - can even a bad ass mixed martial artist like Conor survive in a boxing ring against the best boxer of his generation? The executive vice-president then framed the discussion in terms of WWE’s bread and butter en route to offering a promotional proposition:

All sports is entertainment, news is entertainment today, it is just the way of the world. Everything is entertainment, that is what people do with their time. This is no different.

One thing Floyd Mayweather is, he is entertaining. Conor McGregor is entertaining.

You say it is sports entertainment and, if they want to really showcase what they can do, I would invite both guys to come to Monday Night Raw! There is no bigger platform that they could have to show the world and tell the world, who they are, and why they are the man.

Something tells me Mayweather and McGregor are gonna be plenty busy between now and their date in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. They’ve also probably got the hype machine tuned up just the way they like it.

But, hey, can’t blame a guy for trying.

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