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John Cena mentions his junk a lot when interviewed by average New Yorkers

John Cena’s Fox reality competition show, American Grit, isn’t tearing up the ratings (although the second episode of its second season gained viewers over the premiere), but it’s not for lack of promotion from its host.

Ahead of his return to WWE in a couple weeks, Cena has been darn near everywhere. That includes the amusing video above from Vanity Fair.

The gimmick is random New Yorkers are asked to ask questions of a celebrity, without knowing who they’re interviewing. The celebrity, in this case your 16 time World champ, answers them later via tablet.

As is often the case with our guy John, he’s not afraid to let his slightly off-kilter sense of humor shine. He’s also not shy about talking about his junk...

Q: Would you ever take your clothes off for a role?

A: I... have already done that. I wore a sock. Not on my foot. So, uh... that happened. Good talk.

Even when the question has nothing to do with the Cena genitalia...

Q: So where do you go to find your peace?

A: I go to the bathroom, and I look down, make sure it’s still there. And occassionally, I go to the bedroom, when me and the gal... are doing stuff like that. And it’s never failed me yet. It’s always there.

This doesn’t include an answer about his perfect date night where bedroom time with “the gal” is alluded to again. It’s not a constant theme, but considering there aren’t that many questions, it comes up (bah-dum-tss) quite a bit.

See, you’re not the only one who can make dick jokes, John.

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