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Kimber Lee gets her WWE name

Former Chikara Grand Champion Kimber Lee (real name Kimberly Frankele) first appeared on WWE Network last year, and officially joined the company in January 2017. Since then, she’s worked NXT live events and the weekly streaming show under both her birth and indie kayfabe name.

But no longer.

In what is usually a step toward becoming an on-screen regular, Lee has a new name. She publicly unveiled it with some updates to her social media presence... meet Abbey Laith!

The real question is where Kimber, er, excuse me, Abbey (that’ll take some getting used to... it’s not terrible, but... they can’t all be Ruby Riots and Aleister Blacks) will get her push. She’s been rumored as a participant in the upcoming Mae Young Classic women’s tournament, and giving her a WWE trademarked moniker would be a good way to distinguish her from her pair of Wednesday night enhancement talent appearances over the past few months.

We’ll find out soon enough. While we wait - what do you think of the name Abbey Laith?

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