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Maria & Mike Kanellis’ music is better than Lana’s

Recently, our own Geno Mrosko made the claim that Lana had the best music in the WWE. It was a take many considered hot. Personally, I thought the music was pretty good, but not as great as he did. Then Sean Rueter came up with a list of five tunes in the current WWE that he felt were better than Lana’s.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight: Mike and Maria Kanellis have the best music in the WWE.

Listen to this masterpiece. It’s in the style of an 80’s love ballad which fits these lovebirds perfectly. They’re an over the top couple that are rubbing their disgusting love in all of our faces. What better way to do that than the cheesiest of love songs with the most incredible lyrics. Lyrics like this:

“When they ask if the fire is gonna eat us alive, I tell ‘em I think we'll be just fine."

And despite being completely ridiculous (which really is the charm) it’s catchy enough that I catch myself humming “Burning up in your love... your love” at work. Just perfect.

Coming soon to a senior prom near you.

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