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Al Snow wants to tell you how to enjoy pro wrestling

Like this:

On the one hand, sure, it’s probably more enjoyable to take what’s being offered on television without worrying about the mentality of those who put the show together backstage, or whether or not the performers are properly executing maneuvers. Then again, it’s not up to Snow to decide how any fan enjoys anything.

Also, this idea that education in wrestling is a bad thing is laughable at best. Yes, there’s a difference between the knowledge Snow has taking a bump on a clothesline via his experiences with it and my knowledge of that process by watching him go through it but both are valid in their own right. His attempt at discounting my knowledge because it isn’t on the same level helps neither of us.

Also also, pro wrestling is not rocket science and we’ll all be better off when wrestlers stop acting like no one could possibly understand the business without working within it for an extended period of time.

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