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Here’s Triple H’s response to the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match controversy

Triple H was interviewed by Sky Sports on his trip to the UK and during the process of said interview, he was asked about the controversial finish to the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. You know, the one where a man, James Ellsworth, grabbed the briefcase and handed it to a woman, Carmella, to give her the victory.

He opened with a sexist joke:

"I wasn't there, but it doesn't seem right, it doesn’t. Although we are still trying to confirm 100-percent that James Ellsworth is 100-percent a man."

And then went into a company pitch trying to remind fans that the match happening at all was a big deal.

"But he did grab the briefcase and hand it down to Carmella. The thing is we are entertainment but the thing that I don't want to get passed up in this situation is that the women are being given that opportunity just like the men, and that is what this is really about. The entertainment component aside, to treat these women like the athletes that they are, and in some ways have always been, I think you're seeing that in the world. ... I think the world is finally coming to terms that women are as great — sometimes better — athletes than men and deserve that same platform to showcase what they do as the men do. Most times they knock it out of the park and the world is coming to a position now where they appreciate that every bit as much as the men's competitions. We're at the front of that, and we want to give them that opportunity and let them shine in a way that they never have had before."

There are arguments on both sides here and neither seems to want to budge. Yes, it’s absolutely a big deal that women are being booked in matches like this. Yes, a finish like that was done for the sake of entertainment purposes and not to slight anyone. No, that doesn’t necessarily make anyone feel better about it.

We’ll see how they settle up with it tonight on SmackDown Live.

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