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This Brock Lesnar-Samoa Joe feud is fun, even if the outcome is clear

Brock Lesnar is the one man in professional wrestling, at least in WWE, whose mere presence is an indicator of violence. In a time when everyone looks and talks the same, Lesnar stands out, both in physique -- he's an absolute freak of nature in that regard -- and how he carries himself.

Brock Lesnar in pro wrestling is the equivalent of a regular human taking a walk in the woods and encountering a bear.

Samoa Joe's task, then, is tall and his point of attack of interest. His approach, as he explained it:

"It starts by unbalancing a man who insulates himself from the world with an advocate, by slowly and surely eroding away the confidence that is The Beast, Brock Lesnar."

Joe attempted to accomplish this by choking out Paul Heyman.

Lesnar's response to that, as shown in the above video that aired on Monday Night Raw this week:

"I'm supposed to be afraid of Samoa Joe because he laid his hands on Paul Heyman? If you want a piece of Brock Lesnar you come after Brock Lesnar. I think you're a punk ass bitch."

When they finally came face-to-face, Lesnar laughed at Joe. His casual disrespect for this very large, very violent man attempting to cause him harm is what makes Brock Lesnar so very Brock Lesnar. In the ensuing brawl, Joe actually got a few good licks in while a group of wrestlers were attempting to hold them both back but the reality of the situation hasn't changed. Lesnar is no more threatened now than he was before.

Because Samoa Joe is still the regular human walking in the woods, and Brock Lesnar is still the bear he's about to encounter.

The outcome is certain. It is inevitable. Joe will earn his points here not by winning but by fighting when defeat is all but guaranteed. The best he can hope for is to make it interesting. So far, he's done just that.

It’s been a lot of fun along the way.

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