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WWE SmackDown Live preview (June 20, 2017): Make a wrong one right

Team Blue flies into Dayton, Ohio on the heels of an eventful pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night!

The Headliners

New Dad Daniel Bryan was looking to follow-up his first ever Father’s Day with a nice, peaceful return to his job as General Manager of SmackDown.

Then Money in the Bank happened.

Specifically the mega-controversy which erupted when James Ellsworth not only interfered in the historic women’s ladder match, but actually climbed and grabbed the briefcase containing a guaranteed title shot for his friend-who-is-a-girl Carmella.

More than 51.9% of fans freaked out, having been denied the iconic image of a woman atop the ladder, celebrating with her hard-earned prize (much of the other slightly less than half of the fan population tried to console them by saying it was good heat).

All of the WWE women’s roster - on both brands - seemed outraged. And, of course, those arbiters of opportunity, DB and commissioner Shane McMahon, called foul on Carm-Ellsworth.

So, Bryan will see Roman Reigns’ announcement to start Raw with an address to start SmackDown. How will the GM make this right? Re-start the ladder match? Force the Princess of Staten Island to face her four other competitors?

Tune in to find out.

The Title Scene

After Randy Orton was again distracted by the Singh Brothers, WWE champ Jinder Mahal again put him down for the count at Money in the Bank. Will the Viper accept coming up short in his hometown, or seek a rematch with a stipulation which will make it harder for the Maharajah’s minions to get involved? The Singhs might be busy looking out for the men’s MitB briefcase holder, since Baron Corbin has already made a point to introduce himself to the champ on Sunday’s Talking Smack.

He escaped injury, but United States champion Kevin Owens didn’t leave with the case and re-kindled a lot of rivalries in the process during the ladder match in St. Louis. Who’s next for the Face of America?

Women’s titleholder Naomi fought off a game Lana in her television singles debut, and the Ravishing Russian even has an excuse for losing, seeing as she seemed in control until Ms. Money in the Bank mosey-ed to ringside. Was their feud a one-and-done, or does Lana have another move in her dance arsenal?

Faced with a stiff challenge from The New Day, tag team champions The Usos chose to walk off rather fight off their opponents. Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods surely aren’t going to settle for a win that didn’t leave them with the straps, so expect more from this one ASAP.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- While the women’s roster is in a holding pattern waiting for management to address the controversy surrounding them, the men who came up short in Sunday night’s main event have to move on, and only one of them can challenge KO. Will it be Shinsuke Nakamura? AJ Styles? Eternal nemesis Sami Zayn? Where does Dolph Ziggler go from here?

- There’s also the very interesting question of where Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis fit in a crowded SmackDown scene. Their lovey-dovey debut went disgustingly well at the PPV. Now for the morning after...

- Breezango jumped their vignettes forward to 80s, and apparently cracked the case of who’s been stalking them. Was it really the Ascension? Is that one actually closed?

- Rumors say a certain Bulgarian Brute could be back tonight, and we’re definitely only two weeks away from the return of (Brrr-APPLEDOUGH) John Cena.

It’s the Money in the Bank fallout show!

What will you be looking for on SmackDown Live tonight?

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