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Kane probably won’t be The Rock’s running mate

While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s candidacy for president of the United States of America is still hypothetical, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs’ run for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee is very real.

In an interesting profile of Jacobs and his campaign over at Bleacher Report, the question was raised whether a Kane/Rock ticket could be in our future. The Devil’s Favorite Libertarian sadly seemed to dismiss the idea:

“Would I run with The Rock?” Jacobs asks. He leans back in his chair and considers the question from B/R Mag. “Probably not.”

If you read this piece and the recent GQ feature on Johnson that kickstarted talk of his running for our nation’s highest office, it’s pretty easy to see why not. Jacobs is a long-time Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump. Johnson an independent who’s elevation into the political conversation has come, at least in part, by his being critical of our current Commander in Chief.

Instead, Jacobs has Terry “Rhyno” Guerin coming to campaign for him in Tennessee, while Mick Foley is a vocal Rocky supporter.

Maybe Team Big Red will end up facing the Rock ‘n’ Sock connection at the ballot box someday?

Probably not. Oh well.

Check out B/R’s Kane story anyway for a lot of interesting tidbits on how he’s embracing his wrestling past while trying to forge his political future.

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