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Big Cass is revealed as Enzo Amore’s attacker

The mystery of who’s been attacking Enzo Amore and/or Big Cass has been running on Raw for a month now. A number of investigations (including our own) have turned up a list of suspects. But tonight (June 19) in Evansville, Indiana, General Manager Kurt Angle vowed to get to the bottom of it.

His reveal got a prime spot... or at least a spot that used to be saved for big moments. It’s not exactly clear what the 11PM Eastern overrun is for any more; tonight’s main event of Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns, featuring the return of Braun Strowman, ran at the end of the second hour.

So - whodunnit?

Vowing he wouldn’t let anything detrimental to the wrestlers go on, Angle called out the victims, Zo & Cass. They brought with them the usual entrance promo, and another promise to deal with their attackers once the culprits were outed.

In true Agatha Christie fashion, the GM brought out some of the suspects he’d been talking to all night: The Revival and Big Show. Despite Cass’ beliefs, the Giant denied involvement - and said that Angle doubting him made him question whether he wants to be on Kurt’s show. Zo’s sure it was Dash & Dawson, but they had alibis.

At that point, Corey Graves stood up from the announce desk. Graves said he’d done some digging of his own, and revealed the medical team never checked on Cass two weeks ago. Then, he produced “security cam footage” from last week - which showed the seven footer staging the scene in which he was found after having been “attacked” in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Cass protested for a second, but just a second. He then broke, saying he put up with Zo running his mouth until he snapped. He felt bad because no one likes Amore backstage, so he stuck with him. But Cass wanted to watch the Certified G suffer, and see if he could figure things out - or if he was as dumb as he looked.

Proclaiming himself the star, the future, the money guy... while Enzo’s the guy whose mouth writes checks his ass can’t cash - because he’s always had a seven footer behind him. But no more... they’re through.

And to make it perfectly clear, Cass put his boot through Amore’s face.

You can’t teach that.

We’ll see where things go from here. Cass may have answered some doubters about his solo prospects with a strong promo tonight. Concerns about Enzo’s viability as a singles guy will persist, but maybe he can work with Show?

One mystery solved, but many more to go, Cagesiders.

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