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WWE Money in the Bank 2017 results: Baron Corbin caps an epic ladder match by claiming the case

It didn’t have the weight of history on it that the women’s bout which opened Money in the Bank in St. Louis tonight (June 18) did, but the men’s ladder match which main evented didn’t waste any time getting in on some of the controversy Carmella’s win kicked off.

Shinsuke Nakamura had just begun his crowd pleasing entrance when Baron Corbin attacked from behind, taking the Artist out of the equation before he even had a chance to enter his first ladder match.

The referees discussed things, but ended up going with the flow as the other four competitors dove right into action following the Lone Wolf’s actions.

Corbin spent a lot of time roughing people up, and looked close to grabbing the case a couple times... but a real finish would have to wait, especially considering we had to get in a few obligatory Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens crazy ladder match spots...

KO wasn’t the only guy who’d team with Sami for those kind of moments, either. Dolph Ziggler took a sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the ladder.

Then AJ Styles would fly to knock Zayn from the ladder with a big Phenomenal Forearm!

The Likeable One parlayed all that into a clear path to the briefcase, but The Show Off slowed him down, and KO recovered from a half-and-half suplex on the apron to pull his old rival down and kick him below the belt. It’s okay, because the United States champ probably took the worst of it in this match, including a fireman’s carry takeover from AJ on the apron onto a ladder draped from the corner to a barricade over the floor.

Styles went for the case, but found himself hanging from the case without a ladder. After he fell from far above the ring, Corbin looked to climb again, and that’s when Nakamura returned to a huge pop from the Scottrade Center crowd.

A fired up King of Strong Style took out Baron, and then everyone else in his path. After a Kinshaha to Zayn, Nak went for a ladder, but Owens recovered enough to try to stop him... until Shinsuke took him out with his knee strike finisher, too.

It took him a while to get the ladder set-up, and that was just enought time for his old rival Styles to recover for an electric stand-off. The two veterans of New Japan moved the ladder and went toe-to-toe.

With a takedown and exploder suplex, it appeared AJ would also get Kinshasa-d, but the Phenomenal One met the charge with a forearm, and the Artist was down.

With the crowd alternatively cheering them both on, the battle continued atop the ladder... until Baron Corbin shoved over the ladder and climbed. After a bit of a struggle with the latch, he unhooked the case.

The Lone Wolf is Mr. Money in the Bank!

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