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Maria & Mike Kanellis bring the power of love to SmackDown with their debut at Money in the Bank

The rumors were partially right.

Mike & Maria - now both using her last name Kanellis - showed up in St. Louis at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) on June 18, but she was not a surprise entrant in the women’s ladder match.

Instead, they appeared on stage about an hour and fifteen minutes into the show, dressed in dapper looking regular clothes, to introduce themselves to the WWE Universe. Or, in Maria’s case, re-introduce herself, seeing as she worked for the company until 2010.

Kanellis said she left to find true love, and that’s what she found in her husband Mike, who is now dropping his surname Bennett and using hers. During their runs in Ring of Honor, New Japan and TNA, he was Mike or Michael Bennett, and she was Maria Kanellis or Kanellis-Bennett.

JBL lightly mocked that decision on commentary after their segment, and it will be interesting to see how WWE plays it. If the response to their overly schmaltzy presentation was any indication, the couple are heels - and ones that are gonna be a TON of fun to boo. Seeing as Maria hasn’t done much wrestling since leaving the company (and wasn’t known for it during her first run), he will likely be the competitor with her as his manager.

We’ll know more on SmackDown this Tuesday, which should be an eventful show... and we still have half a PPV to go!

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