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Money in the Bank 2017: Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton full match preview

All Jinder Mahal wants is to be loved. Or at the very least treated with the same respect as WWE Champions of the past.

Forget the fact Jinder is of Indian descent. Forget the fact that Jinder is actually born in Canada. Forget the fact that his career winning percentage is lower than the Cleveland Browns since their last playoff appearance (no, seriously. 25.6% for Jinder according to wrestling database Cagematch, compared to 29.9% for the Browns since 2002, their last playoff season—and the only one since their reboot in 1999).

When you're the WWE Champion, you're not gonna have a lot of friends. Fans, maybe. But not friends.

When the Modern Day Maharaja claimed the prize that had been won by forty-nine other people EVER at Backlash, that put him in rarefied air.

It also gave a lotta side-eye.

And a big celebration because OBVIOUSLY.

Since Jinder's WWE title win, he's wrestled only once on television, a four-minute squash of Mojo Rawley on the June 6 Smackdown.

Most of Jinder's time has been celebrating his big achievement and talking about his SUPER RICH FAMILY, YOU GUYS... I mean, when he's not getting RKO'd out of nowhere.

It makes a lovely gift, but most people would give a fruit basket or something.


Something to consider: it's in Randall Keith Orton's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. I think I've told you all you need to know.


Jinder retains... obviously. Don't be surprised if it's a DQ win. Also, don't be surprised if we have a same-night Money in the Bank cash-in.

Join the best wrestling community in the galaxy beginning at 7pm ET when we see if Jinder won't be hindered or if he is a one-hit wonder.

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