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NXT announces Last Woman Standing match for Asuka and Nikki Cross

When last we saw Women’s champion Asuka and her rival Nikki Cross on NXT, they were both lying in the remnants of a table Cross hurled them both through after their title fight ended in a no contest due to TOO MUCH VIOLENCE.

Some kind of stipulation was expected considering how the bout which aired June 14 was booked, and according to a news item from WWE released a short time ago, that stipulation will be a Last Woman Standing match.

The bout will air on Wednesday, June 28 after being filmed at the Friday, June 23 taping at Full Sail Live.

Given WWE’s investment in promoting Asuka’s undefeated streak and the fact this will pre-taped, there’s probably not a lot of suspense about the outcome. But it’s another piece of history for the women, and another slice of the WWE record books for NXT after Raw got Hell in a Cell and SmackDown the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Plus, it’s Asuka and Cross trying to out-crazy each other!


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