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Lana has the best entrance theme in WWE

You may be partial to the delightful troll job that is Bobby Roode’s “Glorious Domination” or singing along to Shinsuke Nakamura’s hypnotic “Rising Sun” but for my money, Lana’s “Ravishing” is now the best entrance theme in all of WWE.

Perhaps she is the new Eva Marie, a woman so painfully beautiful she taps into your own physical insecurities so you respond by attacking whatever weakness she may have. In Lana’s case, as in Eva’s, it is her inability to wrestle. With Eva we know that to be true. We don’t yet know this about Lana.

I’d like to believe she’s going to prove us all wrong. I hear that theme and it immediately makes me think not of her dancing on a chair but this:

More of that, please.

And, hey, even if she never gets the hang of it and fizzles out, we’ll always have this awesome entrance theme.

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