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Roman Reigns’ battle with Twitter haters turns into a whole thing

Ah... Twitter.

The replies to a WWE promotional message about their weekend house show in Mississippi turned into a battleground between the Roman Empire and some haters. Which undoubtedly happens everyday on the social media, but this time, Roman Reigns himself decided to step into the fray.

Here’s how it started...

That brought self-identified “future pro wrestler, currently in training” Ian Porter and his CZW logo profile pic (pin that piece of trivia; it’s important later) into the mix:

Why Alexia went from slamming the Big Dog to seeming to stick up for him is a mystery for another day, because this is where “The Truth Reigns” hits the imaginary PA system in the TwitterDome!

Sensing his moment, Porter basically hasn’t stopped Tweeting since being recognized by Roman. It’s included some self-promotion, challenging Reigns to matches which will never happen while tagging other WWE Superstars and some offensive pleas for attention which he’d probably write off as “getting heat”. All of which earned him this rebuke from the owner of his beloved CZW:

Roman wasn’t done either, though! Either because he was enjoying responding to his detractors without the filter he has to employ on screen or, as Geno would say, because he was GOTTEN TO, Reigns picked a couple other Tweets for replies:

There you go. From now on, please refer to “haters who hate their lives” as #DumbAssMarks and give us your take on the POLARIZING Roman vs. the internet below.

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