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Scott Hall is ripped, also still Scott Hall

This Tweet from WWE Hall of Famer Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall is making the rounds this week, including a story on the main page of

Which is great! We love seeing our heroes taking better care of themselves - see the positive attention Big Show got for his body transformation - even more so when it’s a guy many of us feared wouldn’t even be alive at 58 years of age because of his history with drugs and alcohol.

Another success story for DDP Yoga.

What’s also great is that while Hall may not “partying or traveling as much”, he’s still got a bit of the Bad Guy in him. Like his (possibly fake, but you totally believe it) accidental porn Christmas message from last December, this picture hit the web as a result of his chatting up this woman...

Glad that while Scott Hall has changed some things, he hasn’t changed everything.

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