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WWE 205 Live results (June 13, 2017): Good to be the King

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of WWE 205 Live in its regular Tuesday night at 10PM Eastern time slot on WWE Network.

As of early Tuesday morning, WWE hasn’t officially announced anything for this week’s show. But if the June 12 Raw was any indication, the storylines we saw seven days ago will continue.

Akira Tozawa is being recruited for The Titus Brand by not only Titus O’Neil, but also his friend Apollo Crews. Apparently, Titus is promising Tozawa a shot at Neville’s Cruiserweight title, and it’s a real enough possibility for it to have reached the King’s ears. He took time out to warn off Akira following dismantling Rich Swann - the third former champ he’s dismantled in little more than a week.

Despite telling us he was done with Noam Dar & Alicia Fox last week, Cedric Alexander fought the Scottish Supernova on Monday... this time with Foxy on FaceTime.

And Drew Gulak presumably won’t take Mustafa Ali flying through his “No Fly Zone” without firing back. With some ground-based offense, of course.

We'll post match results here, and most importantly, this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Vic Joseph has replaced Tom Phillips as our play-by-play man. He and Corey Graves preview the show - Austin Aries addresses his future, and Titus O’Neil has booked a match for Akira Tozawa against TJP

- We get a recap of Cedric Alexander’s win over Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox on FaceTime) from last night’s Raw

- Cedric Alexander def. Ariya Daivari via pinfall following Lumbar Check (Dar came to the ring with Foxy on the big screen, via FaceTime, but caught a sliding kick from Cedric when he tried to get on the apron, and Daivari’s small package off the distraction only netted a two count)

- Austin Aries enters, smiling and slapping fans’ hands on his way to the ring as we’re shown highlights of his loss to Neville at Extreme Rules and his post-show Tweets about needing to think about his future. He acknowledges the crowd chanting his name, and says it’s great to be back in New Orleans, and standing in a WWE ring. He thought it would be here as a champ, but that’s okay. He’ll stand there as a man and say he couldn’t get the job done. But that’s okay, too. Sometimes we try really hard at something and it doesn’t work out. But you get up, and keep trying. He does need to address his future. He’s got some knee stuff, and some neck stuff... and until WWE gets some test results back, he’s not medically cleared to wrestle.

- Tony Nese interrupts, and tells Aries to take a seat in the crowd. A-Double needs to save whatever dignity he has left and fade into the past, because Nese says he’s the future. Aries reminds him the last time they were in the ring together, Tony tapped. He’s got a great physique and he’s seen him work hard for his abs, but what exercise did Nese do to grow a pair? Tony says Austin’s always had jokes, but tonight, he doesn’t have time for them, so get out of the ring...

- Jack Gallagher’s music hits. He strolls to the ring with William III and teases some jokes of his own. After deciding they’re not appropriate for this venue, Jack says if Tony thinks he’s replacing Aries, he’s the biggest joke of all. Nese throws the umbrella aside, and goes to attack, but Gallagher side-steps him. Aries throws him William, and Jack breaks it across Tony’s abs. The faces shake as the heel skulks away.

- TJP walks, and Rich Swann stops him to remind us how Neville cheap shotted him en route to victory last night. He says last week, the WWE Universe started to believe in TJ again, and so did Swann. TJP might cut corners, but TJ Perkins would do things the right way. When he faces Tozawa, Rich wants him to get his mind right and do things the right way.

- A Mustafa Ali video package is cut into by a message from Drew Gulak. Ali is a show-off, and the WWE Universe deserves better - we deserve Drew Gulak, and his better 205 Live.

- Next week we’ll get Gulak vs. Ali and Gallagher vs. Nese

- Akira Tozawa def. TJP via pinfall following a top rope senton (sadly, Titus and Apollo Crews were not present for a selfie)

- We do get a final scene of O’Neil watching the match on a monitor. Titus is singing “It’s Raining Yen” when Neville barges in. He doesn’t care about O’Neil’s singing, he does care about the drivel coming out of his mouth. Titus is going to get Tozawa hurt, because he’s not on the Neville Level. O’Neil says that’s a clever saying, but the man he just watched whoop the champ’s former associate TJP is the future of 205 Live.

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