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Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe’s first interaction leads to a BRAWL

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WWE told us we were getting it right at the top of the June 12 Raw, and that is indeed when Universal champion Brock Lesnar and his Great Balls of Fire challenger Samoa Joe met in the ring (after the obligatory Paul Heyman promo - this one calling Joe a “mutt” not worthy of wrestling’s Samoan dynasty).

Their first interaction didn’t disappoint, either. It wasn’t quite Brock/Undertaker on the pull apart brawl scale, but it did require General Manager Kurt Angle to call for the locker room to break it up, and continued to establish the Destroyer as someone who isn’t afraid of the champ - and that that maybe should scare Lesnar.

Plus, it gave us this GIF...

That’s the good stuff.

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