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Becky Lynch has a good body image reminder

Becky Lynch’s Instagram, via

Ah, summer. Temperatures go up and the media starts chiding us about our summer bodies and bathing suit season.

Becky Lynch was a guest on Lilian Garcia’s Making Their Way to the Ring podcast (my love for which is documented) and the two chatted about body image. Becky talked about how was teased when she was younger for being chubby. The kids apparently used to come at our Irish lass with taunts such as “Becky has a belly like a sack of potatoes”.

Lynch goes on to cite the problems that Instagram and other social media channels can bring about - catching people in comparison traps, and how we don’t know the demons other people are fighting through. I loved what she said:

I remember being at a Wizard World a while ago and there was this girl and she asked me a question. She was gorgeous and tiny and beautiful and she was like “I’ve been really trying to tone up how can I…”

And I was just like “You don’t need to change, you’re beautiful!”

I think that’s one of the things we need to instill in people is that none of that stuff really matters. Be healthy. Eat healthy, good food and look after your body but ... whether you have an ounce of fat or two or ten or whatever it is, know that you’re not abs and arms and legs and glutes. You’re a soul and you’re a human being. You have got things and your personality is a million times more important than any of those things.

Wise words from the inaugural Smackdown Women’s champion, people.

Read it and remember it.

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