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Carmella talks about Nikki Bella’s influence in the locker room

If you don’t listen to ex-WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia’s podcast “Making Their Way to the Ring”, I would recommend it. Her interviews with WWE superstars of past and present make it one of my favorites to turn on while at the gym or on a walk through the park.

Lilian recently had Carmella on and the interview was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. It was the Princess of Staten Island’s podcast debut and she revealed a lot of things that I might go back and transcribe later. But for now, I thought it was interesting what she said about the SmackDown Live women’s roster and an especially poignant moment for the team blue lady crew:

“I feel like I’m so, so blessed. Our locker room since the draft has been amazing, like all of our girls- we’ve just worked so hard together to build the Smackdown brand of this women’s roster, because we didn’t have the Four Horsewomen – we have Becky, which is great – but we didn’t have a title first. So we were like ‘Okay, what are we working toward here?’ I think a magic moment was the night we had the six pack challenge for the Smackdown title, because all of our girls worked so hard, and we pulled it together. That was one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had in life, not just work, just because that match was so magical. Everyone really pulled together and did whatever they could to make the match the best and we got back through the curtain and everyone started crying and tearing up. It was a magical night. It was just amazing. The locker room has just been so great. Everyone’s been so cool.”

I remember that six pack match, how much time it got, and how everyone really had their moments to shine. It’s wonderful to hear how much it meant to the women who participated.

She and Lilian go on to discuss the importance of working hard, being nice and helping others, and Carmella then goes on to say:

“It’s all about helping each other. As women, we need to work together and pull each other up. That’s something I’ve actually learned a lot about (while) being here (on the main roster). Nikki Bella has been so, so amazing to me and fans might actually be surprised to hear that as far as our feud went! She’s been so good to me and so good to our division. She’s helped everyone unite and work together and pull each other up. She knows that it’s about female empowerment. It’s not just about one person. We all have to work together and help each other.”

With Nikki’s standing as a veteran, the longest reigning Divas champion and her passion for empowering women, this doesn’t surprise me one bit but it’s still nice to hear - especially from someone like Carmella, who was new to the main roster.

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