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John Cena thinks WWE is ‘moving on quite well’ without him

His return from his latest round of outside projects (filming Daddy’s Home 2 with Mark Wahlberg and promoting the second season of American Grit on Fox) is already announced for the July 4 SmackDown, so we can start wondering how WWE will use 16 time World champion John Cena.

The company is undoubtedly happy to have him back - for however long he’s sticking around this time. With ratings stagnant/slumping, Cena remains the most reliable draw they have at their disposal.

One person who doesn’t worry about how WWE is doing while he’s gone, however, is Cena. In the above interview, conducted by Chris Van Vliet for WSVN-TV in Miami, he was asked who he thinks he should pass the “Face of the Company” torch to and answered:

I think it’s been passed without me. There’s a lot of folks who are currently doing a lot of damage on the roster. The show is thriving in my absence. I think it’s extremely competitive. I did win the 16th Championship at the Rumble but I was unfortunate in my first defense at Elimination Chamber and before that I hadn’t really been in the Championship picture for a while. I think the company is moving on quite well. I don’t know if there needs to be a formal anointment but they’re really doing well without me.

It’s definitely a good answer. He promotes the company without inviting controversy by naming a specific performer (coughRomanReignscough).

But is it accurate? Have they moved on well without him, or does someone still need to be identified who can pop a rating and sell out a house in his absence?

Talk that over below, Cagesiders.

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