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Pete Dunne is out here attacking Mark Andrews while he plays bass with his band at Download Festival

NXT is wrapping up their United Kingdom tour at the Download music festival this weekend.

The brand has worked the event before, but they didn’t have a roster of UK wrestlers - one of whom is also lead vocalist and bass player for pop punk band Junior - before. And they are making maximum use of the crossover.

Going back to the tournament which introduced the belt he now holds, WWE United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne has shown a proclivity towards attacking his opponents well in advance of scheduled matches. So with a title defense scheduled for tonight (June 10) against Mark Andrews, and Andrews playing a set this afternoon at the festival, well...

The high flier fights back by giving a new meaning to the term stage dive, and stands tall to end this brief battle. Which is good, because the odds of him winning the actual match aren’t great - it would be a shock if anyone took that strap from the Bruiserweight before the planned launch of WWE Network’s new UK show.

No matter, very cool use of the venue from NXT, don’t you agree?

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